CPU Coolers for i5?

Hi Guys,

Just wondering what the deal is for i5 coolers - I'm getting the impression from searching online that you can use an LGA775 mounting bracket on the new LGA1156 socket. Is this true? Or if I were to buy an i5 system would I be unable to recycle my current CPU cooler?

Obviously i5 is brand new so it's not like all that many people are using them already, but I'm just doing some research and wondering if anybody could give me a direct answer.

Thanks a bunch,
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    Most current high end coolers will be releasing a i5 bracket, if needed.

    12 mm 11mm and 10 mm, so yep, the holes are different.

    You'll have to get with your HS maker and ask, shouldn't be too hard to do.
  2. Okay, thanks a bunch :D
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