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i have an e8400 with eist and c1e off, 2gb of 800mhz A-data ram, 780i motherboard, XP home. i use PC Wizard 08 to give me my current processor speed and it says 3ghz but im not so sure about this. my computer can be real slow when just doing simple things like loading up a few untaxing webpages like MSN or just browsing around my computer real fast doing simple file operations (i dont know, maybe i scroll around doing things too fast? but my processor is supposed to be real quick..)
oh yeah, the other day i downloaded the trial version of visual studio (more than a gb) but once it was done it had to extract (this is before its totally on my computer) and it slowed my computer down. i couldnt multitask at all, it must have taken up all my ram or cache or something but its unacceptable to me
note: ive checked my bios and it sees both cores
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  1. 1) Re-enable EIST and C1E. Having them off doesn't make the machine any faster. If anything, it makes it hotter. You don't need the CPU at 3Ghz all the time if you're just surfing the web.
    2) Run msconfig and disable everything in start up save your security software
    3) Update and run your anti virus software.
    4) Run any spy ware program you have. If you don't have one, either download Windows Defender or Spybot.
    5) Run memtest on the RAM.
    6) Back up everything and reinstall XP
  2. when both c1e and eist were on it only multiplied to 9 when i ran heavy games like Crysis but browsing my computer it ran at 2ghz steady. and when i turned both c1e and eist off i saw a decent change in speed but still not what i'd expect from a 3ghz dual core

    is memtest a program i can download?
  3. bump. anyone?
  4. Reinstall the OS and stop downloading porn?
  5. If you have no virus issues, try this:

    1) Delete any unused or unnecessary programs and files. These may be taking up space, memory and resources, thus slowing your computer. Also delete your cashe/ temp files, empty your recycle bin, clear your internet browsing history, etc.

    2) Check your memory, how much do you have left? If its less than 15% get some more

    3) Defrag your hard drive. Fragmentation severely degrades the speed, performance and reliability of your computer. Try Diskeeper 2008, you can download 30-day trial-ware at

    4) Registry cleaner: Your registry holds all the information regarding updates, installs, uninstalls etc. so this needs to be cleaned. This will optimize and remove redundant or unwanted items.
  6. Check your device manager to see if there are any faults.

    press the windows+R keys to bring up the run box and type in "devmgmt.msc" and press enter.

    Do you perform general maintenance?

    How long has your machine been performing incorrectly?

    How long have you had your machine?

    Can you post complete detailed specs?
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