Overclocking Phenom II X4 940?

I just bought a Phenom II X4 940 AM2+ with a Thermaltake SpinQ heatsink and I was wondering how far you can overclock and still keep it very stable? The current clock speed is the factory standard 3.00Ghz with a preset 15x multiplier (so 15x200). I read some things saying it can overclock up to 3.6Ghz and also why does it say in BIOS 3.00Ghz (3000Mhz) but on my desktop it says 2.99Ghz?
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  1. dont know how good that spinQ heatsink is but use amd overdrive to overclock and see how far you can push it then go into bios and change the settings their. As long as the temps are good you should be good with overclocking, how far you can push it is up to you but remember to test it with prime 95 for stability. if temps are good and its stable your good to go.
  2. @OP, he reason you see 2.99GHz is that the base clock fluctuates just a little bit

    +1 to zipzoomfly, there are plenty of posts on Tom's regarding this subject

    also, no one will be able to tell you where that processor will cap, each one is different and has its own limitations
  3. ^ agree
  4. Quote:
    2.99 or 3.00, hmmm...are you really worried about 10mhz? Maybe you should RMA it to AMD and tell them you feel you got ripped off.

    Theres a million articles on this website about overclocking a p2 940, dont be lazy.

    That's not even 10mhz that's only 1mhz!
  5. protokiller said:
    That's not even 10mhz that's only 1mhz!

    2.99GHz = 2990MHz, so it is 10MHz, since we don't know the last number, we will assume worst case senariio
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