Hey guys, I just finished my build and I have achieved a stable 4.1ghz on my i7 920 2.66ghz I was wondering what software I can use to moniter my system. Apparently the software provided with gigabyte does not open with vista 64 bit for some strange reason so I can no monitor heat and activity.
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  3. i use speedfan to monitor the temps
  4. CoreTemp is better.
  5. personally, I use cpu-z to monitor clocks and multis, realtemp for temps, and hw monitor ( from cpuz) to monitor voltages and gpu
  6. ^+1. Same here. I also use calibrated SpeedFan for temps.
  7. HW monitor works great... for all voltages, temps, fans...
  8. ^HW Mon temps are known to be inaccurate sometimes. Go RealTemp for CPU temps.
  9. I tried coretemp not to found of it I'll try cpuz
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