How do I figure out the 12v current rating on my PSU?

I need to figure out how because ive been trying to find out forever to no avail. Is there some sort of formula?

Ive got a Coolermaster Real Power Pro 650w

My specs are ancillary at the moment because all I want to know is how to figure out the current rating
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  1. There's no set formula because different manufacturers set up their PSUs to provide different current to different rails. For example, a top-end overclocker's PSU would require more power directed towards the motherboard and graphics cards, while a server system wouldn't need the graphics card juice, opting for being able to power more hard drives instead.

    Easiest way to find out is to google your power supply. Ratings are normally posted on the manufacturer's site, and if not, there's a chance that some retail sites might list the ratings.
  2. If you included the brand and model of your PSU someone here would probably tell you. They would also tell you if the PSU was junk or not, and could run whatever you are concerned about.

    specs specs specs
  3. 12v Watts divided by 12 = Amps. Your PSU should have a sticked on it with all the details, it might be on the side that is next to the back of the case.
  4. W(h)att is a joule per second(?)!
  5. I just noticed that you updated your post, I was looking for a new post with the specs, oops.

    Rather than spit out the specs and doing some simple math for you, I thought I would link you to a test of 11 PSU's, in which it is included. The basic data for wattage and current is there, with some additional information that is not on the sticker. I think you might find the additional information relevant.

    Rated capacities- The Tech Report - Page 3
    Cooler Master's Real Power Pro 650W- The Tech Report - Page 10
    Conclusions- The Tech Report - Page 20
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