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I just got a fancy new lcd tv with a vga cable at the back so I bought a cable to connect it to my pc. When I boot up in vista as soon as vista kicks in it'll change to "no input" on the tv but when I started in xp, It'll load on the tv then the pc will get "no input", any ideas? I'm using hd4850 if that matters.
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  1. You bought an analog TV. Is your PC video interface VGA, DVI,HDMI. Which one(s)?
    Chances are in Feb you wont get TV signals either without a converter of some type.

    NM, I see you have DVI= Digital Signal

    Exchange the TV. Didnt they tell you it was analog? It is required by law to disclose to the customer if it is compliant with the new regulation.
  2. Ok well I got it to display by entering catalyst manager and it's now a second monitor but I can only see the desktop background, no mouse or icons or anything else will load up.

    This is the tv I got

    edit: I did the same to xp and it's basically in reverse. I can see everything moving on the tv in xp but my pc monitor will just display desktop and in vista I can see it on the pc monitor but my tv will just display desktop.
  3. That TV should work fine. Sorry if I misled you. Why are you not using the HDMI? You can either buy a conversion cable DVI to HDMI or a DVI to HDMI adaptor and a HDMI cable. Your problem should be solved. In the menu on the TV it should have a PC option, right? Try look.
  4. HDMI cables were like $40 minimum and this vga was only $12 :) I also only have 1hdmi slot in the back and using that for dvd, any way to turn that 1socket into 2 like with a plug splitter? I might have to try that dvi> hdmi cable if that's the case. Yeah my remote has a pc option, that's what I'm using to view it.

    It's weird how it's not loading anything, just desktop :(
  5. Can you go to component from your DVD? That would free up the HDMI.
    You still would have to get a DVI>HDMI cable for the PC.
  6. In Catalyst Control Center, you have the two "monitors" set up in Extended Mode. Either you'll want to change this to Clone mode (same desktop/icons on both monitors) or leave it at Extended mode and manually move icons over to the second desktop.

    Concerning your XP Reversed issue, it's just a matter of identifying each monitor (1 or 2) and switching them.

    -Wolf sends
  7. You can get HDMI/DVI cables quite cheap on the web, it will save you tons of trouble since the signal will be digital. One of many thing could be happening with the VGA cable, my guess is that either your PC resolution or the refresh rate is too high (would have scaled automatically if you had used digital cables).
  8. You definitely want to use a DVI-HDMI cable for hooking up a PC.

    My 1080p LCD looks like **** using a VGA cable, as it won't accept 1080p through it. I $5-25 cable is all you need...i'm sure AU has a similar online store:

    If you need more HDMI connections, by a splitter or switcher:
  9. Thanks guys

    Wolf it was in extended mode so switched to clone and it's working as I wanted now. I will get a couple dvi > hdmi and an hdmi cable as the display on my lcd isn't looking to sharp.

    Thanks a lot guys!
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