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I have an Intel Q6600(I bet you've never heard of that. HA) @ 2.4 ghz G0 stepping and it idles at 36°C and my friend has the exact same CPU and EXACT same CPU cooler and we are both using Arctic Silver 5 thermal grease, but his idles at 28°C. He is even overclocked to 3.0 GHZ with a higher voltage than me so I dont understand what is wrong......
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  1. Not every chip is identical, nor is every house. His room probably has a lower ambient temperature, and his case probably has better airflow.

    Also, no 2 applications of thermal grease are the same either.

    Either way both CPUs are operating at temperatures 20-25 degrees below anything you should be worried about so you're getting worked up over nothing.
  2. Im not in any way worried about it, I would just like to know why there is a difference.
  3. Quote:
    so I dont understand what is wrong......

    That lead me to belive that you were worried about the temperature difference :)

    Either way, hopefully my post cleared up a couple of the differences that can lead to a few degrees difference.

    Another thing that just occured to me is the amount of processes running at any one time on your systems. Your system might use slightly more CPU power while idling than his does. Combined with everything else, that could account for the 8 degree difference.
  4. Do you have the EXACT same PC case with the EXACT airflow in the EXACT ambient room/case temp, as well as the EXACT MB chipset?

    I have my Q6600 OC to 3.2ghz, but it runs 2.4ghz idle. My lowest idle temp, Tcase wise is 26C, since it has got cooler in my bed room. Also I'm using a ZeroTherm NV 120 HSF, and I use MX-2 thermal grease.
  5. I'm in hot Singapore now (35c ambient). I had to get Thermaltake water-cooling. All CPU temp problems are GONE. (The case looks much more cool now also! )
    36c is good at idle anyway.
    I also agree with other posters, check the air temp INSIDE the case.
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  7. well my system idles at 30°C while my friends is at 38. I have a 120mm fan on top, front, back, bottom, and an 80mm on side so my case temp is fine
  8. You said in your OP that your system idles 8 degrees above his, not 8 degrees below. Make up your mind already -.-
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