Case Airflow question

I just bought a and a phenom 2 955

im using a case

Theres 2 top fans slots, 2 side panel, 1 back, 1 large front fan and one bottom fan slot

My current setup which im realizing could be all wrong currently is this:

large front fan intake

back fan: exhaust

2 side fans: exhaust

top fan towards the front: exhaust

top fan toward the back: empty

I have felt the top back of my case before having a day of normal use and noticed that there was some heat in that zone.

I just bought a new fan so i now have the possibility to fill every slot except 1, i would like some advice as to how i should place them.

This is what i was thinking

Back fan and front fan: Unchanged

Top fan towards the front: Intake

Top fan towards the back: exhaust

2 side fans: the middle one in front of the vid card for exhaust and i think the other one might not be usable with the v8 cooler in place, (if so ill use it on the bottom slot just for the hell of it)

Thx in advance
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  1. Basic rule is front and side fans intake and back & top fans exhaust.
  2. ^5 +1 what jsc said.

    The bottom/front to top/rear airflow is a classic configuration that is hard to beat. The addition of a side intake fan can help cool the video video or cpu depending on the location of the fan.
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