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I'm getting a comp with an Asus P5Q Pro and a X-fi XtremeGamer sound card. Was the sound card worth it or is the on-board audio on the motherboard better than it? Also will there be compatibility issues with the sound card and vista 64-bit?
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  1. Any add-on soundcards are better than the one supplied with the mainboard. There are still driver issues on the Xfi and vista... but so far, I had no problems - voip in games seems to work sometimes...
  2. Soundcards almost always produce better sounds. However, a lot of us continue to have problems with Creative cards of certain games, so if you get a sound card, i recommend getting a non-creative model.
  3. I had issues with Creative Fx Fatality Pro on Call of Duty, with blue screen and involuntary computer restarts on a ASUS Sabertooth 990FX motherboard.

    I removed it and the drivers, returned it and not i have no problems. It was a very expensive card $150. It gave great sound, but unfortunately even with downloading the Win7 drivers there still was a conflict.

    Any ideas on a cheaper sound card for great gaming performance?
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