Cpu temp shooting up with new Mobo

Hi all

I recenetly got a Gigabyte EP35-DS3L, an upgrade from my MSI-P4N-DIAMOND, however, the CPU temp has just rocketed to 68 degrees C. And the utility offered has the fan control section greyed out. I used thermal compound correctly, the cooler is securely on. Ive had no bluescreens, but I would really like to know a way to control the fan from windows so I can lower the temp, 68 is just too high. I have tried disabling the auto fan speed thing in bios, but Its still not running fast enough.

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  1. Can anyone help me, im really desperate now :( :(
  2. Start by verifying your PSU fan & CPU fans are blowing properly.

    In the BIOS, verify your CPU & Memory are using factory recommended voltages & timings.

    Some times the "Auto" settings are NOT ideal & will cause problems particularly if you are over clocking CPU & or Memory.

    Use an additional case fan (side or back) blowing INTO the case to improve air FLOW.

    Arrange & tie back all internal cables to help improve air flow.

    Are you using an adequate heat sink / fan?

    Some times the OEM fan that comes with the CPU doesn't do the job very well.

    Also too much thermal compound is as bad as not enough. Apply just enough to fill the gap between the CPU & heat sink.

    Hope this checklist helps...
  3. The thing is, I only changed the motherboard, everything else is exactly the same. I checked all the bios sttings and theres nothing wrong :S my gpu is running @ 102 C :S Im just worried this temp will kill my cpu, its running without problems, just very hot.
  4. There could be an oustide chance that the problem lies with your motherboard. I had an old MSI board that would show my P4 running at 99C. I cant tell you how many times I reseated that heat sink and even when I eventually got a Peltier cooling system, it would show that temp.

    Check for a bios update that may address the temp issue. If your CPU was really running that warm, I would expect some HEAVY throttling on the CPU's part to save it self.

    Good luck,

  5. Sorry, but what does throttling mean? :o
  6. It means that the CPU will slow it self down.
  7. It wont throttle at those temps. It has to hit over 70c.

    But something is wrong because you should not be hitting those temps. Check for a BIOS update. Other than that reseat your CPU and reapply thermal grease just to make sure. Sometimes its just that.

  8. Does anyone know what each temperature is? Which one of those is CPU?
  9. help :D can anyone tell me which one is the cpu core temp pls
  10. I am guessing "Core" is the CPU temp.
  11. what is temp 1 then? its 49, is thats system temp? it cant be, thats much too high
  12. I think Temp 1, Temp 2 and Temp 3 are different sensors on the mobo. I guess the high temp is from around the CPU in the mobo.
  13. Measureing temp directly from the BIOS is always innaccurate.

    Download Realtemp or Coretemp and tell us what all four cores are measuring.
  14. neither of those programs work with my CPU :(
  15. ^^even that speedfan is all over the place though...
    Maybe you should try to update the BIOS, I think it's messing up the readings somehow...
  16. and why is it showing two Vcore values, do you have same two socket system?
  17. Heh.. speedfan is prolly displaying more temps that just wont fit in the way the window is displayed.

    I'm guessing Temp 1 is the Tcase temp, and Temp 2 is the Chipset or system temp.

    If you have a MB CD that came with a utility software, that should read the Tcase and system temps as well.

    Also, when you click on configure, you can un-check temps that maybe really out of whack (Like Temp 3 = -2C) since SpeedFan is only showing what it sees. You would need to figure out what it exactly sees.

    The GPU temp should match GPU-Z, or what ever video card (NV or ATI) software should display it's temp.

    I find the bios temp which reads the Tcase sensor to be fairly accurate, not exactly accurate, but would not trust core temps alone at idle.
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