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My Son deleted files in XP trying to empty out the drive and free up space. I gave him my old laptop to use for music. How can I reset the laptop. I can enter BIOS, but have no start up CD rom or diskette, when powering from the hard drive all files on the desktop read "The application failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem." However due to all the missing files I cannot install anything...HELP
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  1. You might be lucky if you tap Function 8 as the machine fires up and choose Last Good Configuration from the Advanced Boot Menu. It's just possible the system will revert to an earlier date if System Restore was set and a Restore Point had been created.

    Alternatively, if you borrow an XP CD of the same version as yours, on the understanding it's for repair purposes only, and go through the setup to the second Repar option. That will reinstall over the top of your existing installation, preserving the data and the installed programmes.

    Whichever of these works, post back for details of what can safely be deleted to make space. It might be better to clone the whole new system on to a larger disk - storage is so inexpensive these days.
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