I want buy a New Gaming PC - HELP!!

I want to buy a PC that will be primarily for gaming/video editing+converting but want to make sure with you guys that it is:
- crossfire ready (essential)
- cool enough like won't overheat
- able to play todays latest games (Crysis, COD 4 etc) and future games eg Far Cry 2. I want to play on a 22inch HD LCD TV/Monitor at mostly hgih settings. Would it be able to run that? I understand in a year or so another 4870 would need to be placed in to play next years games.

Here is the PC specs -

ASRock P45TurboTwins2000
(Sound, Gigabit-LAN) Mainboard
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 2.66GHz
Radeon HD 4870 (any brand)
LG GH20LS 20x DVD-RW SecurDisc
7.1 Channel Superior Quality Audio
DSL Ready Gigabit Ethernet LAN
23in1 Cardreader Ankermann Case
Cooler Master CPU cooler
750Watt PSU

Here is an ebay pc that is almost the same except for PSU/GPU

scroll down to the description about the PC.

Should cost me £590 all together (not incld P&P) and I'm on a £600 budget for just the system so not bad. Any suggestions for improvement?

Thanks alot!
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  1. Anyone? Please help because really need to buy this in the next day or two. Thanks
  2. You have to change your mobo. This model has 2 pci.e slots, but one of them is x8. For good CF, you need both of them x16.
    Get a X38 or X48 instead.
    I would also suggest changing your RAM to OCZ or Corsair, instead of Kingston.
  3. Get a Gigabyte, DFI, or Asus MoBo. Corsair and OCZ are good for Ram. You might also consider Mushkin.

    Also, I recomend Asus for the Video card. They carry a longer warranty then most. At least in the U.S.

    PSU... made by whom?
  4. +1 for changing mobo, the ram is fine (if he doesn't overclock past 3.2ghz).
  5. Actually, I wasn't saying anything negative about the Kingston; I was just making a plug for Mushkin to be considered among the quality ram in the running.

    Skinny on ram... FSB/4 = sytem bus. DDR2 (listed speed)/2= actual speed. If your FSB were 1333 then your system speed would be 333. That would put your ram at DDR2 667 at a 1:1 ratio. 333 system X 2.

    That said, if you don't OC your FSB to more then 1600 (400 system), then you wouldn't even need to OC the ram... thus any ram that runs at DDR2 800 would suffice.
  6. I don't think a change in RAM is needed but I was really worried about that Motherboard! So the best motherboard with least effect on price? Asus? What model? Bear in mind I need one to support the other components, whilst also being crossfire ready and decent overall.

    Thanks alot guys!
  7. Well, I don't know anything about £ pricing, but that P45 MoBo is $100 USD on newegg. The cheapest x38/x48 on newegg is a DFI Lanparty DK X38-T2RB for $180 USD. The Asus P5E Deluxe is $220 USD and the Gigabyte GA-X48-DS4 is $225.

    So if you're looking for an x38/x48 at the same price point as the P45, you not going to find one. They're about twice as expensive.
  8. Well would that Asus P5E Deluxe X38 suffice my needs? ie is it crossfire ready, future proof, fast etc? Looks good!
  9. P5E Deluxe looks good to me. It has 2 PCI-E 2.0 slots. Good to go for CF
  10. And it is fully compatible with my set up?
  11. The only thing that is really any concern for compatibility is ram. Even ram, though, is getting to be something that is more standardized. If I were looking to buy, I would not be discoraged from this parts list on the basis of compatability. you won't have any issues with this set up. Honestly, the AsRock board would probably be more likely to deal you a fit on the compatability issue.
  12. I don't know anything about motherboards so I'll take your word for it mate. You seem tok now your stuff so thanks alot!
  13. So for this system, what would you pay?:

    Mainboard - Asus P5E Deluxe LGA 775 X38 Motherboard
    GPU - Sapphire Radeon HD 4870
    CPU - Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 2.66GHz
    (Intel Model Q9450 Yorkfield
    FSB 1333 | 2x6MB L2 cache)
    PSU - A-DIS 750 Watt 135mm Fan PFC Quiet Power Supply
    DVD/RW - LG GH20LS 20x DVD-RW SecurDisc
    Sound - 7.1 Channel Superior Quality Audio
    Case - Aspire X-Cruiser
    DSL Ready Gigabit Ethernet LAN
    CPU COOLER - Cooler Master CPU cooler

    I've been quoted £780. Doesn't seem a good price to me though.
  14. looks good. Not sure on non-U.S. money. I like Asus for video card. Usually best warranty.
  15. Well that is around 1,545.71 USD. Good value for money?
  16. I don't know where to get thi built for less than £700! ANy ideas?
  17. Well, you're not carrying any parts from a previous computer. Everything is new. Don't get a sound card to start off with. Try the on-board sound. I would be willing to bet that you will be satisfied with the on-board sound.
    Q9300 isn't that much slower for the CPU. I bet you could OC either to ~ 3.2. Of course, overclocking is completely luck of the draw. Some chips do better then others... even out of the same batch.
  18. I've got a pc for sale on the forum. It would cost you £709 for the computer with a monitor, G15, G5, webcam, logitech headset, and vista ultimate preloaded on it....or you can get just the tower for £582. Only things it doesnt have that you want is it has the E7200 (awesome cpu for overclocking) and it has the overclocked 8800GT (reviews showed it getting better FPS then the 9800)
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