proplem with 9800GX2

i hav new nvidia card 9800GX2 with msi K8A platinum and AMD 6000 processor , RAM 2GB my prople, is how many times try to install nvidia driver my system hang i try even with new driver from nvidia site my system is win XP
anyone have advise please tell me
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  1. System specs? Have the latest service pack? Perhaps improper seating of the vidcard? PSU?
  2. MSI K8A platinum motherboard
    AMD Athlone 6000+ X2
    RAM Kingstone DDR2 2GB
    HD SATA2 500GB
    HD SATA1 250GB
    ASUS VK222H with webcam screen DVI
  3. sorry I have service pack 2
  4. Did you uninstall previous drivers before installing drivers for the GX2?

    What kind of power supply?
  5. it's fresh install of xp no driver before was installed . i forget about my power supply but it's is 650watt
  6. You sure you are installing the correct driver, yes? Have you tried this one?

    You don't have to download the games.
  7. i will and i will tell you what happen thanks all of you
  8. What is the brand and model number of your 650 watt?
  9. ok my power supply CoolMax CA-600 and i try the driver you give link for me halister_one also not work after installing system restart and then nothing apper
  10. I checked with CoolMax's site and I do not see a CA-600W PSU. They only have the 300W, 350W,400W,and 450W model.

    Please double check the PSU specifications. If your PSU is one of the above models, it's no wonder that something goes wrong. Furthermore, I do not have confidence in CoolMax PSUs, so if it's possible you should grab a Corsair or Antec or any named brand PSUs. A 500W solid PSU should be enough.
  11. You need a new PSU regardless. Cheap ones tend to go boom, like this:

    Your system can easily hit around 450w...
  12. i need to be sure the PSU is the proplem because for me it's very expensive to buy new one but is no other way i will for sure
  13. Wow they only list the connectors under specifications, that is a TERRIBLE sign.
  14. I can not find anything about it, OP please look on the box or the unit itself and list the amps that the rails can provide.

  15. what do you think The_Blood_ Raven? buy new one any way or what

    I have absolutely no doubts that if that PSU is bot a problem now it will be very soon. You paid good money for that system, don't destroy it in a few months just so you could save an extra $80-$100!!

    Get it!
  17. ok but what if not work even if i change power supply i think i will call my friend he have in his system cool max 650 watts i will try it also
  18. I must have missed that somehow. Anyways, upon closer look, your PSU is rubbish. It doesn't even have a 6-pin connector! I take it you have the 6pin and 8pin connector both somehow connected to the 9800GX2?

    Anyhow, I'm in full agreement with Blood Raven. Your current PSU is very suspicious, after all, it only has 4 x 4pin molex connectors despite being 600W. Furthermore, the site doesn't list anything about the 12V amps and stuff.

    And I second Bloody's choice of PSU. Excellent, no doubt about that.
  19. Judging by the reviews I have seen on the Coolmax units, I would really have to be pissed off at someone to recommend this brand to them. Even their better models have poor to mediocre voltage regulation and ripple filtering. The CA-600 is an old unit, poor quality and not built for use in modern computers, not ATX 2.2 compliant.
  20. ok all of you now agree the proplem is PSU right ok i will buy and see what wil happen thanks
  21. Thats bizarre , how could you possibly hook up that psu to a 9800GX2 when it doesnt have the 8pin and 6pin connector?
  22. because nvidia give you conector
  23. ok gays i change it with gigabyte 1000w still same proplem any idea
  24. hes messing with you guys. hahah
  25. It's not the PSU?

    The only other suspect would be the graphics card itself, motherboard, or drivers. Is there any way to test the vidcard in a different system?
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