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Overclocking Question for P II X3 720 BE

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September 10, 2009 5:54:54 AM

Hey all,
Working on an OC for my new rig and i've hit a wall. Currently running Phenom II X3 720 @ stock voltage (1.325) with HT x16 and FSB 210. Ram is Mushkin 996601 set at stock timings for 1333mhz (6-6-6-18-1T). Considering the heights of OC others have been able to run this CPU, I am surprised this is as high as I can go on stock volt (interested in a relatively mild OC- long term stability more important than minor gains). CPU temp stays around 100F and mobo around 90F under Prime 95 load. Issue is, when I raise FSB or HT above these settings, Prime95 starts erroring out (not locking up). I think it might be my ram, though I have lowered timings/mhz and I still have same issue. Have a 750w PSU and M48785TD-V AM3 ASUS Mobo. Temps are low, voltage is good, shouldn't I be able to get higher? Or, perhaps, is this a pretty good 'average' OC for this board/cpu/ram combo- in other words, is the best I can expect at stock voltage? I want this machine to last a while- should I just reign in the HT and FSB altogether and not worry about the OC, or is my current setup 'worth it'?

Thanks a ton for your support.

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September 10, 2009 6:32:52 AM

No, that is about right for PHII, typically around 3.4 Ghz max at stock voltage. I run my Phenom II 940 at 3.4 Ghz at stock voltage. I can bump my reference to about 205 before running into stability issues. (@17X)
I am not that surprised about that wall at 210Mhz either. Until bumping up voltages this about the best you'll do. Unless you lower your CPU multi.

But still, isn't it nice to know you can run your $120 processor at the same speed as a $240 CPU? Real world performance at that speed will be a similar experience as well.

You will have to raise voltages to get any higher in my opinion. Longevity is the reason I took my 24/7 OC from 3.7Ghz to a 3.4 with stock voltages.
September 10, 2009 4:00:41 PM

Thanks for the reply. I am glad to know I have reached the safe maximum at stock voltage. I think with my machine running so cool at ~90-100F, it should last quite some time.
Take care.