Is this BSOD an 8800gt or motherboard problem?

I just built a new PC and used an 8800gt that I've had for about 2 months. I've got everything running correctly now except for a BSOD that keeps popping up when I play WoW or AoC for a while. It's happened with three different driver versions (175.19, 177.79, 177.83) but seems to have become less frequent while using 175.19. I was able to play AoC for about an hour or so before anything happened today.

The BSOD cites nvlddmkm.sys as the problem but nothing I've done has solved it. I've tried uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling after cleaning up with Driver Sweeper but that hasn't helped. I heard that underclocking my memory could help but dropping it to 667mhz didn't do anything. I've tried using MemTest but it didn't return any errors after an hour. I'm currently running it again. I'm using the latest BIOS and chipset drivers on my motherboard and the only overclocking in my system is my video card which was factory overclocked. My system is:

Intel e8400 @ 3.0ghz
ASUS P5N-D nVidia 750i SLI motherboard
Zotac 8800gt 512mb
4gb (4x1gb) Patriot Extreme Performance 800mhz
Raidmax 500w PSU
320gb hard drive
Windows Vista 64 bit

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. i personally blame Vista. but this looks relevant.
  2. this happened to my neighbors 8800gt he called xfx they said to reinstalll vista and if it didnt work just send the card in for a replacement.
  3. Does Vista have the service pack for it? There might be hotfixes for it. But I have a feeling it is the power supply
  4. Do you think my PSU isn't powerful enough? I used it in my previous system for about 2 months and it worked perfectly. Although buying a new PSU would give me a chance to try out SLI or maybe a higher end video card in a few months.

    I just read a couple forums saying that it could be overheating of the north bridge. I have a fan I can install on it so I'll try that and if it doesn't work I may have to reinstall vista. I don't think it's a video card problem since it worked fine for 2 months.
  5. Try the NB fan thing, but if you could name your PSU just to rule that out it would be nice. The NB problem seems Legit though.
  6. Ok, now I'm beginning to think it just may be a PSU problem as suggested. I just tried to restart my computer and it went through the motions, but instead of restarting it just shut down. Is there anything other than a PSU problem that could cause this?

    My PSU came with my Raidmax Smilodon case so it might just be a piece of crap.
  7. OHHH YEEEAAH. Get that out of your house before it does anymore damage!!!
    im just kidding. replace it and you should be fine. get a 500+ watt psu. make sure the 12V rails have a combined 22 amps rating and you should be golden.
    i would recommend Ultra, corsair and any othe brand that is recommended by other people.
  8. So all signs point towards a PSU fault? If this is the case then I'll order a new one when I get paid. Does this one look good?

    EDIT: would replacing the PSU fix my issue with shutting down instead of restarting?
  9. Get Rivatuner, and crank up the fan speed to about 70% on that card (you can set this to happen when you log in too, in Riva). I had the same issue with my old 8800gts 512, play for a bit, then Blue Screen. The card was overheating and crashing.
  10. yes that PSU is foxy, but you can get a slightly cheaper one if you want.
    his card is two months old so the the HS on it should work great.
  11. As for that PSU, please replace it soon. Raidmax has only made decent cases (terrible PSU's), here is a suggestion for the PSU.
    $60, and it's modular (550W Antec)
  12. GET THIS ONE^^^^^
  13. @custom The HS may be fine, however the fan is factory set at about 13%, so cranking the fan up will keep the card from overheating. It's crashing due to the fan speed being too low to be any use dissapating the heat that is building up.

    Try this one instead. It has enough juice to power more than what you have by far, and is quite a bit cheaper. + I've had more luck with coolermaster products over corsair.
  15. Nononononono. the bios has an automatic fan increaser deal. I believe the stock setting is for the fan to increase to 100% at 85 degrees C. thats not exact but pretty close as i have modded the bios for my 8800 gs which was i belive an 8800GT at one point during manufacturing.
    if fan speed is a problem then its related to this...
  16. I just restarted my computer and got an error message saying:

    H/W Monitor Status Abnormality

    I looked it up and it's most likely a (surprise!) power supply issue. I get my paycheck tomorrow so I'll look into ordering a new PSU soon. I'd like to be able to upgrade to either dual 8800gt SLI or a high end card (nVidia gtx 260 or Radeon HD4870) during the next few months. What wattage should I look for?
  17. the antec above should work just great. maybe even tri sli...
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