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I got a computer from a friend and it was set up with windows 7 and its log in id for a domain server or something. How do I get it to run like a a reg laptop?
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  1. Get your friend to tell you what the name and password is for the local administrator account. Even domain-joined PCs have a local administrator account you can use to sign on to the machine without any need for the domain. Once you're signed on you can change it to a stand-alone system and add any other local accounts you need.
  2. He don't know it either he got it from a apartment complex that left it behind and never claimed it. If I reset the windows passwords can I do this?
  3. You would have to have a local administrator name (could be "administrator" or could be changed) and the password, once logged on go to System \ Advanced System Settings \ Computername \ Change and select Workgroup with any name you like.
  4. So your saying if I get the local user PW reset I could fix it
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