Is this Cpu temp normal

Ok hello ive downloaded Speedfan and i have a intel Centrino Cpu and
and the current readings for it are

Temp: 47C
Core 0 : 78C
Core 1 : 70C

im worried my computer is hot all the time so what should i do can i speed up the fan to blow more air out idk help me
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  1. Remove your heatsink and fan, clean it off, re-apply the thermal paste, re-seat it, make sure all 4 pins are in properly, try again.
  2. Yup, bad HS installation. Even though you think it's perfect, it isn't.
  3. I would agree it seems the HS is not installed properly. But whats weird is it is seeing the overall CPU temp as 47c and the individual cores at 78c. Seems strange it would not have a higher CPU temp than that.
  4. I agree. looks like bad cpu-heatsink contact.
  5. Wait a minute, he has a centrino cpu. More than likely, he's talking about a laptop cpu. I don't know if it's such a good thing to crack open your notebook and void any warranty..
    Unless, it's not under warranty anymore, in which case, go for it. :D just make sure you have new thermal paste.

    What cpu number do you have? If you have a core based cpu, then I'd recommend getting coretemp to do the readings. i do not know the reliability of speedfan.
  6. umm i tried the link for coretemp it didnt work said it couldnt find the webpage anyone have a working link for it and yes its a laptop i wont open it might mess up something can Gateway Repair techs do this job ? cause they offered to get it brought in for the problem to be diagnosed

    Laptop CPUs do tend to get hot, but if that is a Core CPU (Txxxx or Pxxxx I think the models are), they can generally go up to 105C without throttling, so you are well within the safe range. Although I'd be more interested to see how hot it gets under load.
  8. i sent gateway a email and they said it could be a power supply failure

    here is the reply from the email (personal info has been removed)

    Problem Description
    Problem Description : POWER-POWER SUPPLY FAILURE

    what does this mean
  9. Does the laptop work fine? If it does, Gateway are just drooling at the sight of your credit card.
  10. umm they dont because its free since comp is under warrenty still lol and problem resolved its normal for hot air to come out of laptops that means the fan is pushing out the hot cpu air so ill just live with it i guess :)
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