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I have a budget of about 700 $ and i wanna build a gaming desktop, i love blizzard games along with many otehr, and none of my computers juss about do it for me............. So can you guys please help mee out and build me a computer, because honestly i know nothing about them, but it seems to cool to dooooo, THANKS ALOT GUYS!
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  1. Hmm I recommend going through the other topics with similar budges and pick parts out based on recommendations. Blizzard games don't have very high requirements.
  2. also what peripherals are included in the $700. do you already have a monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc? Do you need to get an optical drive as well or are their parts of your old computer you are using?

    Mark $ makes a good point. read some of the posts in your $ range and see what they are getting. once you think you have an idea of what you are getting post the details and then we can give an opinion as to how that fits/works.
  3. Try something like this:

    E7200, $125

    HD 4850, $160

    GameXStream 600W, $60

    GA-EP45-DS3L, $117

    Antec 900, $80

    WD 640GB, $90

    ZEROtherm ZEN FZ120, $49

    Lite-On Sata burner, $24

    RAM 2GB, $45

    Total $750, but the $49 cooler can be added later when you have more money and want to overclock. Without it it's $701. OK, I forgot speakers/Windows/monitor/mouse/keyboard. If you need those too, I suggest you wait and save some more and in the meantime prices will drop too.
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