Just finished new computer- No Signal Display Ati 4870

Gigabyte GA-X48-DS4
E8400 1.550
Powercooler HD 4870 2100 SEK
Samsung 203N
Western Digital Caviar SE16 640GB
Crucial DDR2 BallistiX TRACER 4GB
Xigmatek HDT-s1283
Samsung t220
Corsair 750TX Power Supply
Windows Vista 64 bit

I have the Ati 4870 and it just displays No Signal on my 22" T220 Monitor... I have tried using a different pCI slot, I have tried taking the ram out, I have tried pretty much removing everything and putting back on...I just keep getting the same error on the display...

The fans and lights turn on...Their are 3 red lights that turn on on the card itself...I don't know if they should be red or green but yeah.

Any suggestions? I am ready to smash this thing with a hammer =\
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  1. I am a noob on building but I'm pretty sure I put everything together correctly.
  2. I have tested 2 different monitors, I have tested VGA and DVI. I haven't reset motherboard because the battery won't come loose so I can't...
  3. Happened to me with one of my builds. Once i unplugged the moniter from my DVI/VGA adaptor and put everything back in, it worked again.

    Don't know about the red lights though...I'll check when I get of work (although someone will beat me to it.).
  4. I have tried it several times...I will test it out again...

  5. D1601 - Red LED On, shows critical temperature fault

    D1602 - Red LED On, shows External power connector A was removed

    D1603 - Red LED On, shows External power connector B was removed

    D601 - Red LED On, shows critical Core power fault

    I found this...


    Doesn't make sense to me though.
  6. Do you have the two 6 pin power connectors plugged into the 4870? The LEDs are indicating that it's not getting the power it needs.
  7. Yeah I have two 6 pin power connectors plugged in. I have tested 4 different ones and it does nothing. I just took the board battery out for 5 minutes and put it back in and that did nothing. I took out the ram and tested ram in all different spots, I pulled cables out and put them back in...Nothing will get these 3 red lights to go away...I have a 750Watt power supply it should be enough!

    I'm running out of ideas.
  8. No onboard. What is reseeding?
  9. Yeah I have tested it out on both PCI slots...But I have not blown on the slot..I will test that now...........lol? I'm getting pretty annoyed.. =\
  10. No hair! Could it be that the fan is running to slow because I just looked at it and it's running at a ridiculously slow speed...I've heard they do that stock but I mean this is pretty damn slow. Maybe it thinks it will overheat so it doesn't want to start. Thing is, there is no way I can change this since I can't get a display...
  11. Thing is I just moved out of country 5 months ago and I know nobody here that has an extra PCI card..Well two but both are vacation for the next 3 weeks... I'm really thinking it could be the fan speed but then again, are they all set to be this slow? how do other people boot them up?
  12. Either the card or maybe my PSU is faulty? I did ride my bike with it in my backpack from the post office in a box...But that shouldn't harm it or?
  13. Yeah I actually built this thing in my underwear on a wooden table...However I did not have my pSu connected at the time...It was basically just the case itself right out of the box that I used to ground.. lol ..But then again I didn't touch any clothes or couch or basically anything that would give me any energy. Do you think it's screwed?
  14. I will have to do that tomorrow after work. I have to go to bed now...Will you be on tomorrow?
  15. Stupid question here, have you plugged in the 4/8pin power cable for the CPU, it should be somewhere near the CPU socket....
  16. LoL.....Power cable for CPU? I don't remember doing that...I will go check...If this is the problem I will never return to these forums :P
  17. thats pretty common mistake and easy to make. :P
  18. Ok well I'm kind of confused because do you mean under the CPU fan? Because I can't take the CPU fan off for the life of me, one of the little screw things are stuck...But do i need to take the CPu fan off? Or are you asking if I have the CPU fan hooked up?
  19. And it goes somewhere by the CPU?
  20. rather big white thing... usually...

  21. top right... right next to those vrm heatsinks
  22. I have nothing plugged into that lol

    But I can't find the plug that goes into that either
  23. Quote:
    I figured having him reseed the power connections would eliminate that problem along with a few others.

    To avoid future confusion on your posts, please note that the term is "re-seat" not "reseed".
    definition: seat - To fix firmly in place - from Old English "gesete"
  24. I'd bet thats actually 8 pinner with 4 pins covered by that black plastic cap
  25. for Corsair brand power supply it might have been 2x 4pin snap together as a 8pin so you should be able to snap one of the 4pin out and plug it in, i thought corsair has tags on their lines... find one that says "CPU" . o, and you dont really have to do it with only your tidy whity on either :p
  26. bmwm3oz said:
    I have nothing plugged into that lol

    But I can't find the plug that goes into that either

    I knew it lol
    just look harder :) your psu has them for sure
  27. Quote:
    correct me if im wrong but its usually on the same rail as the main mobo connector

    even if the main mobo connector is 20+4 type then no, do not use that 4 pinn extra.

    or did you mean the rails on the PSU, dont know about that, quess it varies
  28. Wow I feel like an idiot..I'm getting excited I hope this works...And yes whoever said that it has plastic over it...It does...If you uncover it it turns into a 6 or 8 I will see in a second.
  29. ya that line should have a tag for "CPU power" my Corsair supply has the same thing so i can only assume, gl. next time read the instruction book, it does work for some ;)
  30. You guys I think I got the only PSU or board without that piece I mean I literally can't find it. The only things left are Sata plug-ins and PCI-E
  31. http://www.corsair.com/products/tx.aspx
    second connector in that listing, 8 pinns, should split in two 4 pinns
  32. Connected to the PSU right?
  33. omm... yes. :/

    I love you people SO OOO MUCH
  35. :D so you got it working?
  36. I am the biggest noob on the forums I will give you guys that but hey...at least I'm learning =P I just turned that sucker on and the red lights came on for a split second and my head started spinning and then BOOM they turned off and the monitor turned on! Thank you so much you have no idea....
  37. Thanks kevinmcg, Kari, gaiden! I am going to go play now =P
  38. Have fun! :)
  39. bmwm3oz said:
    I have nothing plugged into that lol

    But I can't find the plug that goes into that either

    Your power supply has an EPS12V connector - 8 pins
    Your motherboard will accept either an 8 pin or a 4 pin CPU power connector, just take the rubber cover off the socket to expose the other 4 pin sockets, its a keyed connection, only fits one way.
    The 8 pin connector is designed to also be converted to 2x4pin, for those motherboards that only have a 4 pin connector.
  40. Hi i have identical problem
    hd 4870 1gb
    vista 64 and xp pro 32
    iiyama e1900s prolite

    my monitor is on black list and so is yours heres links to the lists AMD forums:



    this only effects vista and windows 7 but not xp

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