2 different video cards running 2 diff monitors @ diff resolutions

Recently upgraded to a gtx260 and a 26" monitor. (1900x1200rez)

My old 22" monitor has a max rez of 1680x1050. Was using a 8800gts-320 with that.

Was wondering if I could install both the gtx260 and my 8800gts-320 on my motherboard and run both monitors at their native rez.

Basically I want to have other programs visible on the 22"(1680x1050) while I game on the 26"(1900x1200). Game utilities like teamspeak etc, on the 22"

Been looking on the web, but most of what I see involves spanning the desktop over two monitors (two monitors running at same resolution). Little confused about how this works. Any advice or good links appreciated.

note: if my 22" ran at 1900x1200 I would just span.... ( I do not want to drop my 26" down to 1680x1050)
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  1. You can span two monitors at different reolutions... i.e. 1920x1200 and 1680x1050. I've done it several times in our office for CAD setups (while when short on matching monitors).

    The only drawback to this scenario is that it isn't as clean to move the mouse across as it is with the same resolution monitors, but it works fine.

    HOWEVER, please realise that AFAIK you cannot interact with the other applicaitons unless you run games in a windowed mode, they simply haven't been programed with the concept in mind. I believe you would have the same issue running off two graphics cards, they simply can't handle losing the focus.
  2. Easy to do.
    Just plug the 2nd card in and use the windows util, it will all be readily apparent.
  3. mrmez said:
    Easy to do.
    Just plug the 2nd card in and use the windows util, it will all be readily apparent.

    And this will work well for gaming?
    I read somewhere that the game will automatically run on the primary display adapter.
  4. Yes this will work for gaming. I run 2 4850's with 3 monitors. For most games I dont even enable crossfire since the 4850 is so powerful with just one of them. I commonly run games like UT3, or C&C3 on my primary monitor while playing music or having chat windows open on one of my other two displays...
  5. Thanks to all that replied.
  6. A follow up question concerning drivers.

    I currently have the gtx260 installed

    When I install the 8800gts-320 I assume I will have to install drivers for it as well.

    I'm running Vista64... Has anyone out there installed a second (different from the first) video card? Curious how the second driver situation works...

    EDIT: the quote below is from http://www.playtool.com/pages/installvid/install.html
    Both the Radeon and GeForce display drivers support a wide range of video cards. When you're running two Radeons or two Geforces, you only install the display driver once. That's true even if they are two very different models.
    Does this seem correct to anyone?
  7. Got it working...
    Little trouble at first, but when I reinstalled the gtx260 driver the second monitor (on the gts card) popped up.

    note: second monitor shows as monitor #3 in settings, but everything is working fine.
  8. as far i as iknow u cant use 2 DIFFERENT cards at the same time peroid. u can use 2 of the SAME cards in sli or crossfire....
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