Add second hard drive to ASUS G50V

Where can I Buy hardware to mount a second hard drive in a laptop computer? I have an ASUS G50V with an empty bay for the addtion of a second hard drive. I purchased a WD 320GB, 7200 rpm, 2.5 inch notebook hard drive.
When I opened the box I learned that WD does not include mounting hardware or cage or anything but the drive itself. I asked at BestBuy, where I purchased both the laptop and the drive but they knew nothing of any hardware needed. In fact they told me that the second hard drive could not be installed in the laptop. I had already put the drive in place being held by only its connector and it works fine. I performed the initialization, formated the drive and loaded about 50 GB of video onto it. It works great but I am afraid to move the laptop for fear of breaking something.
Any help with a source of brackets, screws or other hardware intended would be appreciated.
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  2. orb007 said:
    you can buy this on the asus store.

    Thank you very much.
  3. Thank you for the information. I purchased the case from ASUS and the drive is working fine. NO THANKS TO GEEK SQUAD though!
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  5. No need for the mounting hardware. I have my secondary hard drive just secured with super88 electrical tape so it won't work it's way loose from the SATA connector. The connector is supporting the drive. Been working for years now, no problem
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