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Hey everyone, for some odd reason I have no sound on my computer. I recently upgraded my computer and got a new mobo, cpu and graphics card. I installed Windows Vista and all the relevant drivers that came with the mobo cd and looked for upgrades on the manufacturer's website but I can't seem to solve the problem..

I can hear the test sounds in the configuration menu in control panel but other than that there's no sound. I checked the firewall and account settings to see if there were any access restrictions but couldn't find any. Everything with the sound icon on the bottom-left hand side seems alright, there's bars rising and falling indicating that there's sound. I uninstalled and installed the drivers several times but as i said the problem still persists. Any ideas?

Thank you.
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  1. Anyone?
  2. vatanda said:

    I have the same board. Go into control panel and make sure the audio is set for SoundMax HD audio.
    It defaults to the rear channel on install for some reason.

    If that does not do it you can try this fix that I had to use for WinXp SP3, it may work for Vista too.
    I ran into this same issue and found that KB888111 would not install because it is a SP2 file. SP3 stops the installation.

    I found an update that fixes the problem. You should install the update KB835221. It contains the UUA HDA audio bus driver for Windows XP SP3:

    Just plug in KB835221 in place of KB888111 in the above instructions. This enabled sound for me.
    Here's the answer I got from support -

    If the audio controller is showing up in device manager as an "unknown PCI device" you still need the High Deffinition Audio Codec before you can correctly load your audio driver. It is a universal codec and can be found on realtek's download page and will work even though you have a soundmax audio controller.

    This worked for me.
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