How do I connect my Monitor to my Mobo? (no VGA port)

I made a new PC and the mobo doesn't have a VGA port (P5Q-E). So I used the DVI to VGA adapter with my 4850 (100245L) to plug the monitor (VW222U) in. The monitor says no signal when I start up the PC. My cousin said to directly put it in the mobo but it doesn't have a VGA port.
So what do I do now? Do the 4850 or the monitor not have plug and play? So I'm thinking that I have to plug the monitor into the mobo and and install the drivers for the 4850 but I can't do that (no VGA)... Maybe the 4850 is defective??
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  1. :hello:
    Please read the specification of the 4850 card. It needs a PCI Express power connector plugged into it to work.
  2. ^ hehe...yeah check on that first. make sure you have a power cable plugged into your graphics card.

    Is there an input option on the monitor? Mine auto detects if it is DVI or VGA but maybe yours doesn't and you have to do it manually? See if you can get in the monitor menus and select the input.

    If your monitor is selected to VGA and still no signal try the other DVI port on the graphics card.

    Also, you should get an image with your graphics card even if you didn't install the drivers.
  3. As SpinachEater mentioned the card may need you to use the otehr port for your primary monitor.

    Definately sheck the power cords are all plugged it and tight (it may have gotten knocked lose while you were doing something else in the case).

    You should get some signal, even if all you see the post (normally windows can boot just fine and show the OS with no drivers). If you are getting nothing and you are sure the power is good and have tried both ports then you have a bad cord (possible, its happened to me), a dead adaptor (less likely unless it was DOA), or a bad card (also only likely if it was DOA or you had a power surge. {unless you gave it a static shock while installing})
  4. English 101?
  5. lol, my brother has the same monitor and has the same problem. I've never seen a problem like this before.

    Yes yes, its plugged in the right port, power is connected to the card, monitor is on the right input, etc etc all the right stuff. However, upon turning the machine on he gets no input to his monitor. But then if I were to disconnect the viewsonic monitor and plug in an old 20" dell monitor, the dell monitor works fine. It's only then once the dell monitor is working and we have video, we disconnect the dell and plug back in the viewsonic and voila! it works! It's like the viewsonic monitor has some sort of defect that can't detect a signal?

    Doesn't really make sense because I thought that video output was 'dumb' - ie video should always be output by the video card regardless if there is a monitor plugged into it or not, right? Or does dvi function differently and send some sort of signal to the video card to start outputting? (if thats the case then viewsonic monitor probably faulty??) I dunno thats a long shot.

    Anybody have a clue on why this would happen?
  6. Does the Viewsonic say no signal or simply stay aspleep? It could be that the monitor is ignoring a wakeup signal. It may just be a defective monitor. Call up warranty service.
  7. It's an Asus monitor not a viewsonic btw, and i think it just stays asleep but i tried 2 diff monitors (one was like 8 yrs old) and no signal both times,
    power is in,
    i reset the mobo (by taking out the battery and reinserting it),
    I can't get the menus up to change the signal,
    i passed English 101
    I think the the card is the problem and i will probably RMA it tomorrow, thanks for helping my troubleshoot guys.
  8. Hmm...the other two things you could try is to re-seat the video card and make sure that it snaps in tight. The second, if possible, is to test the ASUS monitor on a different rig just to confirm that it does work.

    Does you CPU fan and HDDs spin up when you turn it on? There could be a total lack of posting too and it may be that your mobo is DOA. Again, if possible, you could check the video card in a different system just to eliminate that from the trouble list. It also could be a faulty PCIe slot. Have you tried a different x16 slot? Getting a second video card will help you determine that too but it is hassle to go through the process. Do you have an old video card to test?

    *Edit: Adding to that...if you mobo doesn't seem to be firing up, you can take it out of your case and lay it on an insulated surface and see if it starts up. Sometimes you can get grounding issues where it won't post and it usually has to do with improper riser installation.
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