CPU upgrade suggestions.

Hey everyone,
I'm currently running on AMD x2 4800, thought I would do an upgrade but I just want to see if I'm making the right choice.


I've checked here for the CPU support for my MB.


I'm thinking about upgrading to "Phenom X4 9750 (HD9750WCJ4BGH),2.4GHz,95W,rev.B3,SocketAM2+,Quad-Core "

Is that a good choice? Any other suggestions?

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  1. I recommend getting the Phenom 9550,it's the cheaper of them.
    What is your current graphics card? I suggest spending more money on upgrading it.
  2. My graphic card is 8800GT. Will the 9550 perform just as well? I probably won't notice the difference right?
  3. You may have to do a BIOS update. Use CPUZ to determine your current BIOS.
  4. My current BIO is 1604. I know from the list that if I was going to upgrade my CPU I would need to update my BIOS. But I just want to see if my CPU upgrade is a good choice first.
  5. Any other suggestions? Or should I wait until xmas time to see if AMD will drop in price?
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