Help me oerclock my HD3650

hello, im using Power color Ati HD3650 512 ddr3 oc version with 800Mhz core clock and 900 Mhz memory clock.
i want to overclock this card. can anypne help me?? what software to use, what is the limit, what can i use to check its temperature?? i already oc using ati overdrive, but it has oc limit, and i want more...
can someone help me??
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  1. check out Ati Tray tools.

    It tells temp, but another that tells you more is GPUz.

    People can give you their OCs, so you have an idea of what their cards can do, but each card is different and the only way you will find your limit is through testing.
  2. isn't rivatuner for nvidia cards? I know it technically works, but are all the features supported?
  3. yea, i heard that 2, and i have used it with my old nvidia card. does it works for ati card??
  4. Yes. Yes it will.
  5. what is the maximum temperature that i should avoid after i oc my card??
  6. wats ur current temps? on stock(idle and lod)???
  7. on idle is 46 not quite sure on full load. im using ddr3 oc version..
    how far can i go???
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