4850 vs 8800gt vs 9600gt 1440x900 lanbox pc?

Hey guys, I'm in the process of building a small lanbox and was wondering what is the best vga for 1440 x 900 with best temps. I guess 4850 is out of the picture since it gets so hot so that leaves both G90's.
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  1. 9600GT will run the coolest.
  2. They all work at that resolution.

    4850 is the fastest. I don't see how it's out of the question just because it runs warmer than others.
  3. What about 8800GTS 512? It has a dual slot cooler.
  4. I have a $700 budget for the rig. I'm getting either a used fragbox or a thermaltake lanbox with a q6600. These little cases don't have the superior cooling that it's atx brother has...thats why I said 4850 might be out of the question...MIGHT.
  5. I was looking at those but will it fit the Asus P5K-VM which measures 9.6" x 9.6"...and I really don't want to pay $150 for it cause I can get a 4850 for the same price on ebay and the 4850 kicks the 88xx around.
  6. You can also mod these cases (IE cut a hole in either side for fans)(preferrably near the front). I'd go with the 8800GT, or the 4850 (if modded).
  7. Also you can sell that q6600, and get a good dual core instead. (this will lower temps noticeably)
  8. I still don't have the q6600, is a dual core really better than a quad? Main pc usage will be gaming ^^ If so what will be the best dual core combined with my ddr2 667 ram?

    Parts that I have
    3gb ddr2 667
    600watt ultraxfinity psu
    19" Wide 1440 x 900 monitor
    Keyboard n mouse, headseat n mic and some nice speakers
  9. ...e8400 is pretty good but if I plan to overclock I'll need to change my ram...and I'd rather stick with what I have 2x1gb pny and 2x512mb kingston both are blue pbc...I really don't know how overclocking with intel works as I was with a amdx2 5000+ be where I just needed to up the multiplier to 15 to get the magical 3ghz...but what I've seen with intel is that the fsb is the same speed as the mem when 1:1 so I can get 334x9 and reach the 3ghz.
  10. its always the e8400 my question is just why on earth doesn't anyone go throe the trouble and checking out the e8500 its the same price basically.
    its all the same with bita clock speed lead.
    But I would go with the q6600. make the cooling work ffs. get after market cooling in a few moths or something.
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