Intel RAID Same drive is failing everyday. How to test whats wrong?

I have X58 / ICH10R motherboard cheapset. I built brand new machine recently. My second disk system is RAID10 on 4 Seagate disks ST3320418AS. They are brand new.

Once or even twice a day I have same disk failing with no apparent reason. I tried to re-connect SATA cable and replaced the cable twice but the failure still is occuring.

I normally right-click on the drive, Mark As Normal then RAID is rebuiliding for a while and then it works fine till it fails again.

Is there a software I can run on the disk to see why exactly it is failing? RAID controller, SATA port, cable, disk? What is it?

Thank you
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  1. You could have a bad drive. Try the Seatools on the Seagate download page.
  2. I had that problem too.

    Changed my power supply to Corsair TX 750 and never
    had problem again.

    High quality power supply insure that every disk has
    constant power.

    More... my Core i7 system on Asus P6T his totaly stable since then.
  3. I tried SeaTools but it shows only RAID drives and not individual disks. I can only run Generic test on RAID and it shows OK.

    Regarding power supply - I had that thought too... Probably will replace mine (I have Corsair 550W)... But if this is the power supply - why is always the same disk failing?
  4. Next time that drive fails you could connect it to the other SATA controller on your motherboard and run seatools on it. I run 7 total disks off a 525 watt enermax PS and I have no problem at all with my i7-860. Just check to see if that drive passes the long test. I had a problem with drives dropping when I first built my computer, but I found that it was from the random reboots caused by my RAM voltage being too low. Just some ideas. Good luck.
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