hd4850 overclock help

i have an asus hd4850 card with an accelero s1 (rev 2) using zalman heatsinks and a 120mm fan attached.

the highest stable overclock i can get is around 680/1050 which is the same with stock cooling. is there something i must do to get 700 or past 700 clock, like pencil modding or something? :\
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  1. i believe amd limited it to 680 in the driver.
  2. nope that is not the limit because i use stock cooler on it and mine runs at

    690/1118 i don't know how stable it is in games yet but i have one question when i change the fan speed in the thingy and save it the clock speeds reset how do i save those

    edit: i am now trying 680/1110 because 690/1118 was not stable
  3. not all cards clock the same exact speed. it will be very close tho. ur oc is fine and i wouldnt push it to hard because the 4850 isnt known to stay cool.
  4. that is for shure im back at default setting now because it can't cool well it keeps crashing when its overclocked and all im playing on it is teamfortress 2 on it with all hi and AA X4
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