Will This Make My Computer Faster? (Adding Some Ram To It)

well I am using:
Pentium 4 1.7 ghz
Asus mb P4B (I don't know the exact model)
Ge-Force 4 mx 440
Hard Drive 24 gb

I am keeping the setup above, about ram atm I got:
2x 256 mb 133 mhz and a 1x 128 100 mhz
I am thinking about replacing the 128 mb 100 mhz for 2x 256 mb 133 mhz
so after all I will have 4x 256 mb 133 mhz

is it worth it? I am spending around $15 for 2x 256 mb 133 mhz, they are used stuff

I use computer for Internet, MSN/Aim, Diablo 2 LoD
sometimes when I open a lot of Firefox pages, MSN,Aim, some Diablo 2 LoD windows, the pc got a bit slow, will this solve my problem?
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  1. it will most likely help keep your computer running smoothly, although it will probably be minimal
    it depends on the OS your using, and how much resources these programs end up taking
  2. 133 and 100mhz won't make a difference. but going to 2GB will make your system performace a bit better, but don't expect much. As the previous poster said.. it will make ur computer a bit smoother
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