Cyberlink Power DVD B-D playback problem

BD Advisor tells me my TV isn't HDCP compliant, which is at odds with the HDCP Compliant logo on its front panel. (The lower left panel has so many logos it could've come off a NASCAR vehicle.) But BD Advisor at least explains why Power DVD won't play my Blu Ray discs. (It also doesn't seem to recognize my video cards as SLI enabled, but at least it recognizes them as HDCP compliant.)

I updated the Power DVD software. It didn't help.

Buying a new TV is not an option. Ripping the movie to play back from my HD is ridiculously time consuming--much easier just to buy digital downloads in HD from Amazon. And going VGA is not an option--tried it before I got an HDMI switch--and didn't like it. Remember my TV is my computer monitor.

But I still have these Blu Ray movies I expected to be able to play and I just want to play my movies. (In another thread obiwan05 suggested something called "DVD Anywhere," but I've never been able to find it.) Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks very much!

Win XP Pro, SP 3
CPU: AMD 64 X2 5600+ 2.800gHz
Board: Asus M2N32 SLI Deluxe Wireless
RAM: 2GB Corsair 6400 DDR2 4-4-4-12
Video: EVGA 7900 GS-KO 256M x 2 in SLI configuration
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  1. The software you may want to look into is called "AnyDVD HD". Here is a link:

    It solved all my problems with PowerDVD.
  2. Have you tried running the advisor with only one video card. If that works its an sli issue or driver issue. You might just need a newer card with native hdmi.
  3. Cyberlink advised me to re-install the new version, giving me specific instructions to insure a clean install:

    (A)Please uninstall PowerDVD (by following steps) --> reinstall PowerDVD

    (a) Start --> Programs --> Cyberlink PowerDVD (uninstall it)

    (b) Start --> Run (keyin "regedit") --> HKEY_Current_User --> Software --> Cyberlink --> PowerDVD and/or PDVD (delete the folder)

    (c) Start --> Run (keyin "regedit") --> HKEY_Local_Machine --> Software --> Cyberlink --> PowerDVD and/or PDVD (delete the folder)

    (B) Start Windows in Selective Startup mode.

    a. Click on Start.
    b. Click on Run.
    c. Type msconfig and click on OK.
    d. A System Configuration Utility window will come up.
    e. On General tab, select Selective Startup.
    f. Uncheck "Load Startup Items".
    g. Click on Apply.
    h. Click on OK.
    i. Click on Close.
    j. It will ask you to restart your computer. Click on "Restart".

    (C) Install PowerDVD software:

    (i) Uninstall any other codecs you might have installed.

    (ii) Update the VGA card audio drivers of your computer. Download the latest drivers from the manufacturer's website. Re-install the same drivers if you do not find any upgrades.

    (iii) Please reset the display settings to 1024*768 resolution and 60Hz refresh rate.

    (iv) Please update DirectX drivers.

    (v) Re-install PowerDVD program.

    (vi) Launch the PowerDVD software and activate it using the CD-Key.

    This should resolve the issue.

    I had to have a number of points clarified before I could proceed, but once I did, and I had Power DVD re-installed... now it doesn't even detect Blu-Ray discs. Amazing.
  4. A few days after I reported the slight non-success of the re-installation I got a new reply from Cyberlink. The instructions I got were no different than before. The text was identical boiler plate. I doubt a second identical re-installation will change anything. And I'm beginning to wonder if I'll have to reformat my system volume and re-install Windows.
  5. Turns out PowerDVD doesn't support SLI, and according to Cyberlink tech support it doesn't want it enabled at all.

    I reformatted my drive, re--installed Windows and re-installed most of the software on the drive, but not Cyberlink PowerDVD B-D Edition. If I do Blu-Ray at all it'll be on a PS3 or a shelf-top player.

    Thanks for the suggestions guys.
  6. Can you detail the BD Advisor results on your system?

    From the information you are presenting 7900GS is not included on the minimum systems defined on Cyberlink Webpage. The minimum required is 7900GTX not the lower end GS models.

    If your Video card is not supported same thing goes to your TV as the software will try to read your TV through the video card.

    Set your display to 1080P to play Blue Ray.

    PowerDVD support SLI/CF.

    What about trying a new video card?
  7. BD Advisor is okay with the 7900GS. It's okay with my entire system, except the HDTV. And. Nope. Power DVD doesn't support SLI. I've been told explicitly to disable SLI. Never mind any games or other applications I want to run, one piece of software doesn't want it enabled. And while I'm on this, I've never seen an installer that runs as roughshod over my existing settings as Power DVD does.

    A new video card? This is getting ridiculous. Except for one piece of software, I'm perfectly okay with the set up I have now. I don't want to spend the additional bucks on a video card for one application.

    Hey, if you're offering to pay, thanks for the suggestion, otherwise, I'm done with Blu-Ray.
  8. Below is a forum of SLI machines running PowerDVD & Playing blueRay Disc.

    PowerDVD supports SLI & CF.
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