Asus P5QL Pro and Corsair 2x2GB pc6400


I am having problems installing all 4GB ram on my P5QL Pro mobo.
With all 4GB RAM installed, I can't get past the initial logo screen. With 2GB , all is well. Installed Vista 64 SP1 and updated bios after booting with 2GB, but can't get it to work with all 4..

Is there a known problem with this combo?
I've adjusted the volt setting for my ram to 2.1 as listed on the RAM. Any other setting I could tweak to get this setup to work, or do I need another brand of RAM? Any reccomendations?
I also run Vista 64, but I don't think thats the problem this time :)

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  1. Looks like I ( should have joined your thread. This mobo is either very, very picky or we are missing something in the BIOS setup.


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