Changing or Adding fans to CoolerMaster Hyper 212

I just ordered a new build and as I am waiting for the goods to show up I was wondering about my after market cooler.

Originally I ordered the HAF922 and two extra fans but the dealer made a mistake and they upgraded me to the HAF932 free of charge. Since I am now getting the HAF932 I really don't need the extra fans and was wondering if I should use them on the cooler as they are quieter. Have them push and pull.

Extra Fans

I am also wondering if this cooler can be assembled so it is blowing air towards the top fan in the case. (A North South configuration opposed to the East West configuration. Also wondering if that would help with airflow or if it would hinder me.
I have included a link of the motherboard.

I know I am making lots of posts and asking questions but I am reading lots of articles and doing searches in google. I just wanna be safe.

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    I did a HAF 932 case mod last year. Ventilation, air flow, and cooling are outstanding. I installed the original Coolermaster Hyper 212 with two Scythe S-Flex 1600rpm fans in normal front to back orientation. The cpu heatsink and fans lined up perfectly with the fan on the rear panel. The results were outstanding.

    I took a look at the motherboard you selected. There is a tall blue colored heatsink just below the cpu socket. I am not positive but it appears it might be tall enough to interfere with the 212 in a bottom to top orientation.
  2. Thankyou JohnnyLucky. You answer or try to every time I ask a question. So the fans I selected would be better than the stock fan?

    I guess I will do the normal installation of the cooler. Forgot about the rear fan.
  3. The fans you selected are 800rpm fans. The fans I selected were 1600rpm fans.
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