Win XP hanging after installing second SATA drive

hi guys, first sorry if it seems like im asking the same question for the bazillion-th time. but i have not been able to find any information suggesting installing a second SATA hard drive will make Win XP hang.

truth is, a few weeks ago i bought and installed a WD 500GB SATA drive into my girlfriend's computer for her. and she told me today she has been experiencing hanging that lasts for about 15 sec in about every half an hour.

so yes, i just want to throw this out here and see if anyone has heard or experienced anything similar? anything helps! thanks!
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  1. Yes, this happens quite often.
    One way to fix it is to plug in both drives, and do a repair install of the operating system. This will reconfigure the hardware.
    The repair install does not erase your personal files.
    See THIS forum fourth post from the top, for the directions. You will need an XP installation disk.
    Most of the time, a repair install solves the difficulty.
    You are informed that downloading "fix it" programs from the internet, which claim to "speed up" or "fix" problems, is a very bad idea.
    The most reliable and safest method is to use the XP disk to repair / reconfigure the system.
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