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My bluray rom came with cyberlinks most basic of bluray playback software. It is cyberlink PowerDVD bluray edition 7.3 with 2 ch stereo. I would like to get full surround sound, but I am not fond of spending $100 on the upgrade to Power DVD ultra. So I am wondering can I buy a higher end sound card that does onboard decoding of DTS HD and dolby TrueHD signals. Right now I have a Creative x-Fi extreme Pci-E sound card. So do I have to have power DVD ultra no matter what hardware I have to get the better surround sound formats. Some of the blurays that have dolby digital sound I get all 5.1 channels producing sound. Suggestions would be appreciated. Other hardware list if it helps

Asus P5KPL-VM mobo uatx
4GB of pc5400
evga 9800gtx
Creative x-fi extreme audio PCI-E
light-scribe DVD writer
lite-on BD rom

all in a mini P180 case
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  1. your hardware supports the audio formats, your software doesn't, you need both to get the audio formats you want.

    software is equally as important as hardware and spending a few bucks on that is definetly worth it and PowerDVD is one of the best players out there on the market, getting the top edition will give you access to all the needed audioformats for bluray/dvd playback
  2. For now - if you just want to get thatfull sound working without truly maximum quality, try VLC Media Player. It's free and it plays anything at any quality as long as the file has the options for it. Also you can adjust pretty much anything on the video. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ enjoy!
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