first time build need input/advice

So I put together my first pc...

Thermaltake armor va8003bws
evga 780i ftw mobo
pc power & cooling 750w silencer
intel quadcore 9450
xigmatek sd964 hsf
mx-2 tim
corsair ddr2 pc2-6400 2gigs dual channel

I was able to install XP w/o any problems, everything seems fine at the moment. I tried core temp and its reading the following...

core #0 = 50C
core #1 = 46C
core #2 = 38C
core #3 = 41C

Then I ran Real Temp and it reported the following

core #0 = 41C
core #1 = 36C
core #2 = 27C
core #3 = 31C

also I ran the test sensor and it gave me a sensor movement of...

core 0: 6
core 1: 0
core 2: 8
core 3: 8

so core 1 is showing zero movement during this test and is stuck? Should I be concerned with this????

Are my temp readings accurate? Are they in an acceptable range?
I felt I did a good job with the tim application (small dot in center of cpu heat spreader and used the heatsink to spread it rotating a few degrees both ways.

Also one last concern involving my audio input. My microphone output is extremely low. I can not adjust my mic volume(its grayed out), I can no longer get into the advanced mic options to enable mic boost or alternate mic options. Would this have anything to do with my copy of windows not being activated yet?

One last question for anyone with the same case or knows of...The top panel audio connector has 2 headers one labeled AZALIA and another branching from it labeled AC'97. Where exactly do these connect on the board, I looked at the layout from the manual, and the location listed for Azalia HD audio Header doesn't seem to match the pins on the connecter coming from my front panel case. Which one should I use for the Front panel audio header on the board, the AZALIA header or the one branching off it, the AC'97 header. Clearly I cant use both unless i'm missing something.

Sorry for the long noob post, thanks for reading
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  1. Very nice rig - [:wr2]
    except for the part where a video card is supposed to be [:wr2:5]

    RealTemp is supposed to be most accurate for 45nm CPUs like your Q9450.
    CoreTemp can be setup with a new TjMax temp that should bring it closer to RealTemp readings.

    Your temps look very good. Check the TaskManager Performance tab and watch the CPU Usage History charts for each of the cores when you run a benchmark like 3DMark06.

    I don't think having your copy of XP activated is affecting your Mic problem.
    More likely it has to do with the case audio headers not having been installed.
    Your motherboard is Azalia and so of course you'll want to use the Azalia HD audio header.
    If it's not seeming to match up you'll have to open the case manual and the motherboard manual and work out the pin match. Be sure to get it right - and not have the power on while setting it up.
  2. If those readings are correct, I would RMA the chip and get one with working sensors.
  3. Thank you, yes I know the vid card will be updated soon, just a temporary holder. I did place the Azalia case header onto the mobo, but i'm still experiencing extremely soft output from my mic recorder, and I still can not adjust the volume of the actual mic, just the recording volume.

    Also to szwaba, is it really necessary to RMA the chip? What are some drawbacks to the sensor not showing movement on one of the cores?

    thanks for your input guys
  4. Have you run the 3DMark06 benchmark yet?
    What temps did you see? Did the Sensor Report improve after running the benchmark?
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