Need help overclocking

MSi P7n
E8500 3.16
Ati 4770

I want to overclock the cpu to a high speed ,MSI dual core program only allows me to up it by 23mhz's. Its a E0 ,so i figure i can get 1ghz more out of it, if i set the FSB to 1400 it will save as 1400fsb through the bios but will actrually work as a 1350, if i go any higher it somewhat crashes, anyone experienced the same problem? any help =)
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  1. what heatsink are you using?
    Just want to make sure you're not using the factory heatsink before helping with overclocking.

    What type of RAM do you have? DDR2 667 800 1066?

    I've got the same chip, jumping to 3.8Ghz was easy. It's now at 4.37 but that takes a lot of fiddling to get right (well it did for me). So lots of room to move, I'd do it in the BIOS rather than the provided software.

    Do some reading on overclocking, voltages, RAM speed etc. I'm just not sure what you know/dont know?
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