ESATA External Drive Options?

I currently have a WD Passport Elite 320gb external hdd and it has developed a stuttering issue. Runs for 15 seconds, sudden click followed by complete pause in read/write process, then resumes, then stops again, and so on.

So I would like to replace it with a non-portable external HDD that has at least both USB (v2 or v3) and eSATA (a must).
I wish to stay away from WD, as I have had bad experiences with both their internal and external hdds.

However, I was looking for a Seagate drive that meets my expectations and couldn't find any. Other brands I saw were Lacie and Buffalo.

I would like to know what the TH community recommends for an external HDD with both USB and eSATA. I preferably do not want a RAID drive or anything that is even close to 10 lbs.

thnx in advance!
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  1. I guess no one here uses an eSATA external...
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