Computer running two video cards... problem? (ATI)

Hey all,

Recently I purchased myself a new Sapphire HD 4850 to replace the two X1950's that I had running in crossfire. After I installed it, I left one of the old 1950's in (not x-fired) to run two of the additional monitors that I run. My 4850 is my primary card and it is what my monitor is plugged into, but when I run the "Can You Run It" test by system requirements labs it fails me on every game because of my video card. It tells me that I have a x1950 without any 3d accleration or direct draw. Clearly that card isn't even in use. I've even tried disabling it in the device manager to no avail.

My question is, is this a computer hardware problem where it could be affecting the performance of my 4850, or is it just this program collecting the wrong information?
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  1. did you Un/reinstall drivers? That could possibly be the problem. Have you tried playing any games? Or just the test?
  2. I've played games and they all do look better, plus everything else detects the 4850, not the 1950, except that one darn test.
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