Problems I have with AMD/ATI's Driver Website

Well, ATI's driver page was never really the friendliest thing out there... But here is a list that I hope someone from AMD/ATI will see and pass it on to the web team.

1. Make AHCI/RAID drivers a separate download somewhere. I don't like searching through Catalyst install files for them. I also don't like downloading 40mb for 512kb worth of stuff.

2. Make Chipset drivers a bit easier to find. First off, they need to change/expand the link under their support tab to say more than just "ATI Graphics Drivers", as that page also has chipset drivers. Second, they should rename the drivers based on their chipset name not the name of the Integrated Video Card. I know the 780G corresponds to the HD 3200 but thats not exactly clear. Third, they need to make it so that people with 790FX boards can actually find chipset drivers easily. The 790FX has no integrated video, how would you find the driver(Calling the section ATI Graphics Drivers only makes it worse as it leads you to think there is no chipset drivers there)? I know the driver is the same download as the one for the 780G but thats not exactly clear for everyone. I say they sould separate the links so that video is in one section and chipset is in another sorta like the way nVidia has theirs organized

3. They still haven't posted the HD 3300 or the 790GX. Minor peeve, again, its easily avoided by selecting essentally anything in the integrated section as they all link to Catalyst 8.8 but, for the sake of clarity.

Please feel free to comment/add/challenge my points.

PS the webpage im talking about is this one
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  1. AHCI/Raid drivers and chipset drivers should be avalible from your motherboard manufacturers website. They are for my Gigabyte 790FX board. If your using an ATi video card the chipset driver is part of the video card driver.
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