E8200 at 4 Ghz?

i have mine lightly overclocked to 3.2Ghz
i was really shocked when i found i could go up to 4Ghz


680i Mobo
e8200 @ 3.2Ghz--36 Degrees under load.
8Gb DDR2-- pc6400--800MHz--Memory CAS Latency: 5-4-4-15
dual gts 250
750W Psu

i would appricate some help with overclocking.
the cpu doesnt have an unlocked multiplier so im a bit confused
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  1. just keep overclocking and adding voltage...

    what are you confused about?
  2. apparantly i have to make is in line with my ram?
    and increase the voltage of my ram as well
  3. Doubtful you can hit 4ghz on a 680i motherboard. You'd need 500mhz bus speed(2000mhz FSB) for an E8200. The 680i is a good overclocker, but many folks find it hard to get to 500mhz bus speed.

    2nd the E8200 typically max out around 3.8ghz , 3.9ghz. I've have yet to see a reliable E8200 overclocker reporting 4ghz. I'm not saying it's impossible, it's just very hard to do.

    You should go ahead and Unlink your RAM, keep it at 800mhz. This way ram won't increase in speed as you increase CPU speed.
  4. Mine´s at 4ghz with revoltec pipe tower advanced

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