Partition magic for windows 7 with out deleting one key recovery

Hello,i have lenovo g550 i have only two drives c and d.i want to partition d drive if ican i will loose my onekey recovery software.without deleting one key
recovery software how can i partition my d drive plz give me answer.
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  1. Hello.

    Using Windows 7 built in shrink partition capability you could resize your D: drive without killing the data in it. By shrinking it, you will have open space which you can then turn into another drive. That way you'll leave your recovery area intact yet use the empty space for another logical drive. Hope this helps. You can find some instructions on how to do it here:

  2. Hi, in windows 7 the built-in Disk Management is added the shrink function, right-click "my computer"->"manage->storage->disk management, right-click your partition D, select the "Shrink volum" then fowllow the wizards to complete the operation.
    Hopes this could help you
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