DDR3 compatible with motherboard DDR2?

I got a 865PERL agp and i want to get a DDR3 HD ATI, but before i buy it, i want to know if its compatible to run on it. A guy told me that if the video card is GDDR3, it will have conflict with my DDR2 Ram i got installed at the Motherboard.

Can i use the HD 3850 GDDR3 on my system?

Edit: Its a P4 3.00 ghz with 1 gig of ram in a 865PERL intel mobo. I had a BFG 6800 GS on it but i burn the card like 3 days ago... I wanna get an agp for this system so i can use it for another year.
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  1. The memory type on the video card can be different than what is in your motherboard. As long as your power supply can handle the load an HD3850 AGP card would work fine.
  2. ...eh?

    I think you're confusing system memory with video memory, which are both entirely different.

    Your system memory is DDR2, which is different from DDR3 and DDR.

    The 3850 has GDDR3, which is located on the video card itself. Currently the fastest video ram is GDDR5, which does NOT mean you need the nonexistent DDR5 memory.

    As long as the 3850 has the AGP interface your system supports, it should be fine, given that your power supply can handle it.
  3. Thats the best agp right now in the market? the HD 3850?
  4. Quote:
    Thats the best agp right now in the market? the HD 3850?

    Yeah, but it's rather expensive I believe.

    It may be a lot better to buy an entirely new system that has DDR2, SATA, and PCI-E.
  5. Not really is $140.00, buying a new system for gaming is like $1200.00. Thx for the help guys!
  6. you'd be amazed what you can do with $600 black.
  7. You'd be amazed with $400: http://www.frys-electronics-ads.com/ads/2008/08/20/35023/Compaq-Presario-SR550F-Desktop-PC

    It lacks a video card though, which you can out fit it with a HD4850. Twice the performance of the HD3850 for around $150.
  8. I don't even plan on spending $900US on my next computer, and it'd be a high-end rig...

    But at any rate, the video card is effectively a sub-computer on its own, so the type of memory it has is irrelevant as far as compatibility with the motherboard, since the video memory doesn't belong to the motherboard, it belongs to the video card. All that matters is that the video card supports it, which is obviously true.

    Also, no video card uses DDR3 memory; you're confusing it with GDDR3 (the "G" DOES matter here) which is hardly any different from DDR2 anyway; it's just DDR2 with some optimizations to cut voltage demands and allow for much higher clock speeds.
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