Q6600 OC issue

cpu: Q6600 G0 stepping
MoBo: MSI p7n platinum
Ram: Ocz Reaper HPC 2x2Gb PC2 6400 (4-4-4-15)
Cooling: 4 120mm case fans, Koolance cpu liquid cooler.
I'v read many tutorials and guides on how to overclock this cpu but im not having much luck. Atm im stable at 2.6Ghz but past that i have issue city. I can boot into windows but then i just freeze after a minute or so. i'v tried incrementing all the values one by one but nothing seems to have an effect. I'v tried following other peoples methods of overclocking this chip but to no avail. I even thought, maybe 2700Mhz is FSB hole so i tried 2800Mhz but still failed. My current settings to be stable on 2.6Ghz are:
FSB: 1156
Memory: 800Mhz cpu ratio: 9x
Vcore: 1.2v (default)
RamV: 2.1
VTT: 1.275
NB: 1.24 (default)
SB: 1.5 (default)
Mem time: (4-4-4-15)
1T/2T: Auto
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  1. Drop your memory ratio down to 1:2 or 1:1 and see how you go. Ram certainly doesn't need anymore volts.
  2. What seabreeze said.

    But first, a brief - very brief - tutorial on frequencies:

    A Q6600 has an FSB frequency of 266 MHz. Memory frequency, or clock, for a 1:1 ratio will be twice that (DDR2 RAM). FSB clock is 266 MHz X 4 or 1066 MHz (quad pumped bus transfers 4 chunks of data into and out of the CPU each FSB cycle.

    Somewhere in the BIOS, there should be a setting for System Memory Multiplier (or something like that). Change it from AUTO to 2.00B setting. Memory frequency (or clock, perhaps) should change to twice the FSB. That's the 1:1 (FSB:RAM) setting. Now as you increase the FSB frequency, the memory will continue to run twice as fast.

    At this point, you should be able to increase the FSB straight to 333 MHz (3.0 GHz core speed) with only a little or no increase in Vcore. With liquid cooling, you will probably reach chip limits around 3.5 - 3.8 GHz.
    Overclocking since 1978 - Z80 (TRS-80) from 1.77 MHz to 2.01 MHz
  3. Yeah, that board can go to at least 1333 (333MHz), so with your memory not holding you back you can get to 333x9=3GHZ. That should be a nice, easy overclock.

    With DDR2-800 memory set at 1:1 you can theoritically go as high as 400MHz, or 3.6GHz before memory becomes a limiting factor, if voltage and/or heat doesn't hinder the oc as well.
  4. Make sure you manually adjust your memory timings to 4-4-4-15 at default volts..
    Set your memory ratio @ 1:1
    Set your FSB to .333 multiplier as jsc and seabreeze mentioned above
    Last Bump your cpu voltage up a touch to make sure that isn't whats limiting you.

    My q6600 is very stable @ 1.275 volts (remember you can go up to 1.5 without going over intels recommended voltage for that chip, provided your full load temps aren't above 65°C or what you are comfortable with)
    FSB .333 = 3.0ghz
    with ddr2 800 1:2 (=800mhz)

    I am hoping you disable all the speedstep and power saving junk in your bios, and turned your PCI -E to 100%. Are you running the current bios for your board?

    If what I just posted doesn't help you, give us some more information including your prime 95 temps and stuff... At whatever is stable at - even if its stock speeds.
  5. yeah, i would say double check that all the speedstep garbage is disabled. with water cooling you should be able to hit much higher speeds than that. i'm using the same proc and am using a thermaltake 120 (so, air cooled) and have been running it stable at 3.5 since I built it... roughly 2 years ago.

    im using a gigabyte MB, so Im not so familiar with what setting yours offers, but the basic idea seems to be, manually lock everything, dont leave anything to auto. I have my mem timings set to 4-4-4-12 (using G.Skill 6400)(DRAM freq is 455Mhz), Bus set to ~380 (FSB rated at 1518) and core voltage at 1.344. Like Adroid said, make sure to lock your PCI-E to 100. Dunno bout your board, but if I don't manually lock it, mine will start OCing that as well, and i lose stability on account of the Vid.
  6. I'm so very sorry i didnt respond i'v been busy with college, its not that i didnt care, i was just way to busy to eat even lol. Anyway, ok so i'v read around and many people say the same thing but i dont see were/how to change my ratio. Also as a side note, my pci-e is at 100 and i'v never changed it from that. i dont see a "system memory multiplyer" or anything even relevant to that anywere in my bios. I can do a chat in TS, Vent, or IM if some1 is willing to help me personally on the matter. I understand the math behind overclocking aswell so dont think im a total newb here in this field. Ill go ahead and change my ram to 4-4-4-15 but should i use 2T or 1T? im guessing 2T but...
    As an additional side note, i want to get to 4.0Ghz (if i can without frying it), bench the bitch, then run 3.5Ghz as a regular speed. I would also like to OC my Ram possably to 1200 but thats for later. I always disable speed step and that sort of junk but there may be something im missing that isnt so "obvious" in another tab somewere in bios, but i dout it. Yes, im running the Current (Ver-1.3 Bios). my OCZ ram is supposed to do 4-4-4-15 on 1.65 Volts, if i read the specs correctly off newegg. Should i change it to that and go from there? When im overclocking i suppose its worth mentioning that i have to up all my voltages to get anywhere, i guess something could be going up with my OC thats not supposed to be like you guys say. Its weird tho, cuz in Bios if i do OC i never see my pci-e go up and i dont OC on "Linked". To oc my board i have three options, Auto, Manual, and Linked. Linked will OC my Mem Frequency as well as FSB together so i turn that off. i can up the FSB and my mem freq will stay the same, @ 800. I dont know if thats "locking" the Mem Freq or not. Ok, and what do you mean to "turn your PCI-E to 100%? the value for the pci-e mhz bus is 100 but i dont know if thats just a coinsadence or what your talking about. I dont see anywere in Bios that tells my Memory Ratio. Im also not quite clear on the math used to give the Ratio, could that be explained a little clearer, sorry.
    Well im not sure if i got everyones questions or not, i hope this helps everyone...help me, lol.
  7. Pci - e sounds fine. 100 is what you want. "Auto" is what you don't want.

    Ram - do not overvolt this or change timings if you want a stable system. Set it at factory recommended volts, and set the timings manually too. If 1T is default leave it there unless you have problems. If you want to overvolt and/or overclock your ram for bragging rights or because you like playing with fire, thats your deal, but you aren't going to get any noticeable performance gain.

    Should always OC on manual. When you up FSB, ram frequency should change. Make sure ram in on manual, and OC is on manual.

    You shouldn't have to up any mobo voltages to overclock to .333 cpu multiplier(you may have to put like 1.3volts to cpu only). I can't emphasize this enough. You should be able to get at least a minor overclock without bumping up volts. You will need to bump up north bridge probably once you get over 3ghz or so, but not under. I think you got your settings jacked up, and sending extra juice to your mobo is a really bad idea.

    Check grayskys guide that is stickied on the overclocking forum here for ram ratios, he does a great job of spelling it out. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/240001-29-howto-overclock-quads-duals-guide

    I was lazy earlier and gave bad info. My ram is set to 5:6 for my DDR2.

    2xFSB / ratio = ram frequency
    2x.333 / (5/6) = 800 mhz

    Also, you should be able to set your CPU mutltiplier manually. Your CPU multiplier x fsb = CPU clock.

    Sometimes bios have goofy stuff buttons to get to manual settings, for instance my mobo you have to press cntrl+F1 to get to manually set ram timings. Consult your mobo manual.

    If you are going for broke settings CPU to 8 multi @ 400 FSB is a sweet spot for alot of people. That gives you 3.6 ghz and you can set your ram at 1:1 ratio which gives your memory 800 mhz you want. Not ever q6600 is going to be stable that high, let alone 4ghz though. Depends if you got a good chip or not.

    I personally went for the slower, cooler, and comfortable spot @ .333 x 9cpu multi
    Still got a huge performance gain in my games.

    Did you check all your settings for speedstep and C1E state? That could be messing you up.

    Also you haven't posted temps, and all the information is based on you not having a heat issue. If you have a heat issue and keep pushing it you may wind up with damaged equip. If you are going for 4ghz and don't have speedfan and coretemp you are really asking for it.
  8. I have mine @ the following:
    Core: 3.3GHz
    Mult: 9
    Bus: 366MHz
    FSB: 1467MHz
    Vcore: 1.37v (to make sure it has enough power)
    Temp: 38c idle 55c FL
    HSF: Coolermaster V8

    As far as ram goes didn't mess with it, left it unlinked.
  9. Sorry i'v been absent, i just reinstalled windows for the second time this week (but this time im on windows 7 pro :D). anyway, thank you ALL for the really good info, i had no idea i might have to do some key macro to see more settings i will DEFF consult my manual. I havnt posted temps because im on liquid cooling and i know for a fact they are low, i have both coretemp and speedfan and yes i check them like a hawk. i also have a retrun line heat probe for my liquid coming back so i know how much heat im truely dissapating. I would prefer not to set my multiplyer at 8 becuase i read in another tutorial on this site that a multi of 8 might get you higher benchi's but its not very usefull and dosnt prove worthwhile in applications like games and such. Im not trying to overvolt my ram, do you think i am, overvolting it i mean? i dont know what its supposed to be set at in regards to 1T or 2T, the manufacture dosnt specify. They do however say 4-4-4-15 @ 2.1v if im reading it correctly. I could be wrong though, perhaps it means the ram has the ability to go up to 2.1 and should do 4-4-4-15 out of the box. Anyway, Here is the link on OCZ's website: http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/memory/ocz_ddr2_pc2_6400_reaper_cl4_4gb_edition
    Im preatty sure iv checked all the hindering settings like speedstep and what not, tho i could be missing one or two if they feel like calling them some crazy undescriptive name. While im consorting with my mobo manual ill look up each setting.
    BTW: core temp reports these temps while im sitting here typing this (basically doing nothing). I dont like to use Speedfan...
    Core 0: 43 | Core 1: 38 | Core 2: 36 | Core 3: 38 ("Core 0" is taking most of the work on but w/e)
    Ok so checked my Bios and i do have all power saving and auto OC'ing junk turned off. My FSB and ram were unlinked i read all the pages in my manual about BIOS. Nothing hinted at a "memory ratio" setting or having to hit a macro to enter a special hidden menu or something. (i did try Ctrl + F1, nothing happend). BIOS does report lower temps than Core Temp does but i suppose im not doing much in BIOS (tho im not doing much here either). I tried setting my ram to 4-4-4-15 with meory timings set to auto and 2T, both times the system would not post. Either this ram dosnt work the way it should or im supposed to bump it up to a higher voltage so it can run at whats its supposed to run at. Upon further leaving the DRAM settings at AUTO i changed my FSB to 1333 and changed no other voltages...My board refuses to post. I also tried "HavoCnMe"'s settings which didnt post on my board aswell. (btw dosnt it seem like 1.37v to the cpu too be way too much?). Anyway, i know all cpu's are diffrent but CMON, mine shouldnt be so diffrent that it requires huge amounts of voltage to do anything, this is really rediculous and frustrating. I fell like the only one on the planet with a Q6600 that dosnt OC easily. Does anyone on these forums have an identical cpu + mobo setup?
  10. Try linking the FSB and RAM.

    The most popular motherboards here for overclocking are certain Gigabyte and Asus models. The better (read "more expensive" :)) boards have better overclocking capabilities.

    Have you tried googling something like "overclock msi p7n"? Might get some ideas there also.
  11. Ofcourse i have, i'v googled the crap out of my board and iv also read ALOT how its a great Overclocker and i know my CPU is a fantastic OC'er aswell. everyone here suggusted not to link the FSB and RAM. I want to oc only the cpu not the ram aswell. Atleast until i get a stable CPU oc.
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