I would like to know any reccomendations for building a system that will allow me to run 3 monitors, 1 27in center and 2 19in wings. I would like to run the center monitor in sli mode and the wings in normal mode at the same time. But I can do with not running the wings at all while running the center monitor in sli mode.

Any suggestions on graphics set up? Will a 3 card system work?
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  1. you can run sli and multiple monitors as far as i know. crossfire supports that.
  2. Get any p35/45, or x38/x48 motherboard. In the primary PCIe slot, put the 4870x2 in. This will drive the 27in screen. For the other screen, perhaps a 4870 or 4850 if you need to save some cash.
  3. Thank you, is the crossfire an ATI solution? I am looking for a Nivida solution? And would I only need 2 cards to run the center in sli mode?
  4. Thanks again for that suggestion. My goal is to be able to play games on the center 27in and have outlook open on the left wing monitor and explorer running on the right wing monitor. I didn't know which motherboard to start with that would allow me to do this. I am a nivida fan and at this point only have 1 9600GT SSC, 3 dell ultra sharp monitors (1 27in & 2 19in), X-Fi Gamer sound card and Logitech Z-5500 speakers to start building a system with.

    All suggestions are welcome, my budget is $2400
  5. I wasn't aware that one could run both SLI and separate graphics cards at the same time. So you would need at least 3 cards wouldn't you?

    I guess that is what 4745454b is suggesting wit one 4870x2 and a separate 4870/4850, but that would be an ATI solution. If you don't mind using ATI cards instead of Nvidia that should work for you OP.
  6. You do need 3 video cards (2 for SLI, 1 for the other 2 monitors).

    Here's a forum post that has links to the places to help you out. It sounds like nVidia will release some driver support for SLI and multiple monitors, which will drop the number of GPUs to 2.

    Here's the link for Vista: [...] vista.html

    XP is easier, since you can load ATI and nVidia drivers together.
  7. Technically speaking, you don't need SLI/CF for the center monitor. You just need a card fast enough to handle gaming on that 27" screen. Depending on the games you play, the res of the screen, and detail settings, you can probably get by with a GTX280, 9800GX2, or the 4870x2. Seeing as the side monitors aren't doing anything "important", you can get a cheap junk card for that. (8400/8500, or the 3450/3650)

    You might be an Nvidia fan, but don't let that steer you away from the better card. The 48xx series is good, buy it if its what you need.
  8. get 4850s so cheap goes as faster then 9800gtxs when it comes to AA my friend has ati and i have nvidia
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