USB LAN Convertor driver for WIN 7

i have a trendnet usb to lan(rj-45) converter. i recently purchased a new laptop with windows 7 and now i cant use the usb to lan converter. can anyone tell me if there is a fix for this or a windows 7 driver i can download.
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  1. Your new laptop probably includes gigabit LAN so there is no need for the adapter.
  2. my pc only has 2 usb ports only
  3. seriously, on a new laptop? ok then, I will try to find the driver. What is the exact model?
  4. trendnet tu-et100c

    i got this tiny laptop to assist me out in the field when programming voice mail systems for clients but i cant use it.
  5. which version?
  6. windows 7
  7. no I mean the adapter, apparently there are 3.

    Well, I think it is easier if I give you the link for you to choose.

    Just match the picture.
  8. thanks i appreciate your help but none of the three have a driver for windows 7. Is there any way around this?
  9. boot up in safe mode and try install in compatible mode.
  10. ok i'll try.
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