GFX 7800GTX 256MB + Samsung 226BW Problems

Hey, I tried googling this issue but I couldn't find anything that matched my problem, hopefully someone here can help me out.

I bought a Samsung SyncMaster 226BW and set it up on Tuesday evening and had it working with my PC, using the cable that came with the monitor. It was working great for 2 whole days until today, I switch my PC on and nothing comes up on the monitor, I tried 2 different DVI cables and still nothing, luckily I had the DVI adapter that came with the GPU and used the analog cable that came with the monitor and now it works.

Ideally I would've liked to have it working with the DVI cable.

So my issue/question(s) is: What can I do to fix this? Do I need a different cable? Is my Monitor broken? or Is my GPU broken?

Thanks in anticipation :??:
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  1. I currently have a 7800GTX did you try both DVI ports? If the video card or monitor was broken the analog would not work ether. If the card was overclocked set everyting back to default speeds. Do you have a setting on the monitor to select input?
  2. Card was not overclocked and I tried selecting the input on the monitor but still it didn't work with the DVI cable. Also tried both DVI ports.
  3. it worked fine and then it stopped working with no digitial signal. something was changed. Good news is sounds like nothing is broken. you did read your monitors instructions?
  4. I'm no expert on PCs, Monitors etc, but I'm wondering if it might be because my GPU is DVI-I and the monitor is DVI-D and I was just using DVI-D cables. . .

    But why would it work for 2 days then nothing?
  5. Um, i had a similar problem where I had a monitor with VGA and everything worked until I got a new monitor with DVI and it worked for 4 days and then started to give me black screens in the middle of a game or movie or something like that. Make sure you have latest driver for it, it solved my problem :)
  6. Try the new drivers, also try unplugging the monitor for about 5-10 minutes (unplugging power that is).
  7. odd problem indeed... have you tried other cables?
  8. I did try a Belkin DVI-I cable but that didn't work either.

    I think I have the latest drivers already, but I will check that and try unplug etc.
  9. Still no joy. . . Is it possible for the DVI port to be broken on a monitor but the Analog to still work?
  10. Sometimes monitor profiles have to installed go to support page of monitor manufacture.
  11. My SyncMaster 226BW has the problems. I had it working fine for 10 months with the DVI cable.
    Then over the course of a week it would stop waking up from power save mode in the mornings. If I switched the cable over to my old monitor it came up there, so the signal was coming out of the cable. The monitor was just failing to respond to it. If I rebooted the computer, it would come up. A week later it totally stopped working at all through DVI. I ended up sending the monitor to Samsung for service. and they sent me a refurbished replacement.

    The replacement worked for 2 days and then the monitor stopped working completely through DVI again. I figured it must be my computer, but my old Viewsonic monitor works fine with the DVI and analog cables both.

    I ended up having to switch to the analog cable which worked. Now, after about 2 months working with the analog cable I have a new symptom...the contents of movies (divx, avi, mkv, ogm, mp4, etc...) shows up black. I'll see my desktop, the border of the video viewer programs (both Media Player Classic and Windows Media Player) shows up, but the video inside of the player is just black. I can hear the audio playing. So, I switched to dual screen view with both my old Viewsonic monitor and the Syncmaster 226BW showing the exact display and the video shows up fine on the Viewsonic, but is black in the Samsung.

    So, again, I switched back to the DVI cable and now the video shows up there. Needless to say, I'm never purchasing a Samsung product again. :non:
  12. I am having a very similar experience. But both the DVI and the analog input are tempermental. The monitor fails to "wake up" (the power button flashes). Sounds like I need to find my waranty....
  13. I know very little about any of this. I have the samsung syncmaster226bw. I have had it for several years and usualy works great. But from time to time, which sometimes may be related to when the pc does not get shut down properly (power failure etc). I get black screen and no blue power light. In the past eventualy it just came back on by itself. This time, came home and turned on the pc but the monitor will not turn on again. tried different cords etc. Tried samsungs troubleshooting etc. If I am not getting a blue power light at all is there any point going further til it shows power? This is frustrating. I have never had a monitor go blank and no power light?
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