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From people's experiences and opinions. How far do you think the Phenom 545 can overclock to maximum. Also the same with the 550 black edition. When i'm overclocking if i overclock at even to 3.2ghz i get this blue screen that says memory dump. I am keeping the voltages on auto. I used to be able to overclock to 3.6ghz and it was running fine, until a couple more restarts and now i permanently get the blue screen for any overclocks.
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  1. it sounds like a memory issue, when using the 545, the fsb is raised, this is the base clock for pretty much everything, so by raising the fsb you overclock not just the cpu but the ram htt and nb all in one go, decrease the memory speed and see if that helps, soeone on toms has the 550 @ 4.0 ghz on air, what r ur temps?
  2. 45 to over 50. I don't know if it's a bios problem i'm sure i've got the latest drivers. It gives different readings for the core temperature and CPU. the core usually stays at 30 and cpu at 40 idle.
  3. remember to reep the ram divider so RAM stays close to its rated speed but doesn't exceed it, lock HTT bto 2.0 GHZ, and nb multi to around 6
  4. and don't keep the voltage on auto (bios usually go volt happy with this setting when OC'ing)
  5. mindless728 said:
    and don't keep the voltage on auto (bios usually go volt happy with this setting when OC'ing)

    thats right when you overclock the auto setting pumps more volts and in turn increases the temps
  6. just up voltages by .01v every step and run a stability test
  7. Update 1/12/2010:
    I got my processor to overclock to 3.8 ghz once I upped the voltage to 1.45v. I am using the Core-contact freezer now, no longer using the Stock cooler.
    Idle: 30c or lower
    load after 4 hrs of Prime 95: 41c max

    It really depends on luck.. sometimes processors are insane, running at 3.7 ghz on stock voltage.... sometimes you get one that can't go past 3.3 ghz... Due to the mass production of CPUs, it is impossible to keep the quality the same for every processor, specially when dealing with such intricate chips, even a 1 nm offset can mean relatively large performance drops, or gains.
  8. Model : AMD Phenom II X2 545
    Codename : Callisto
    Technology : 45 nm
    Package : Socket AM3 (939)
    Version : Model 4, Stepping 2
    Revision : RB-C2 - 1026
    Instructions : MMX, ExtendedMMX, 3DNow, Extended3DNow, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4A, EM64T
    Core : 2
    Thread : 2
    L1 Code Cache : 2 x 64 KB
    L1 Data Cache : 2 x 64 KB
    L2 Cache : 2 x 512 KB
    L3 Cache : 6 MB
    Standard Speed : 3000.00 MHz
    Current Speed : 3510.36 MHz
    Speed (O/C) Rate : 17.01 % (+)
    CPU Usage : 11.94 %
    Multiplier : 15.0 x
    Bus Speed : 234.02 MHz
    FSB : 1170.12 MHz
    Voltage : 1.31 V
    TDP : -
    Fan Speed : -
    Temperature : -34c

    Total Size : 4096 MB
    Memory Type : DDR2
    Channels : Dual
    Frequency : 234 MHz
    FSB:DRAM : 1 : 1
    Speed (O/C) Rate : 29.73 % (-)
    Memory Usage : 27.13 %
    Voltage : -
    Bandwidth : 8099 MB/s
    Modules : 2
    Slots : 2
    CAS Latency (CL) : 5
    RAS to CAS Delay (tRCD) : 3
    RAS Precharge (tRP) : 3
    Row Active Time : 9
    Bank Cycle Time (tRC) : 12
    Command Rate : 2T
    HyperTransport Clock X5 1169.0 MHz
    North Bridge Clock X5 1169.0 MHz
    Windows 7 Ultimate 6.1.7600.0 64-bit / -
    Manufacturer : ASUSTeK Computer INC.
    Model : M4A78L-M Rev X.0x
    BIOS Version : 0404 - 11/27/2009
    North Bridge : AMD 780G 00
    South Bridge : ATI SB750 00

    I ran Prime95 for about 14 hrs with no errors and no reboot and the temp get only to 47c
    it about Balance is the result of a number of body systems working together...
  9. Ive had my 545 at 3810 mhz 7 hours prime95 stable with my voltages as follows: CPU voltage @ 1.4v, CPUNB @ 1.3v if you have a motherboard with ACC but cant unlock the processor i just leave EC firmware set to Hybrid with ACC disabled. with the EC firmware set to hybrid i have been able to get another 200mhz getting me past the 3.6ghz barrier and bumping me up to 3.81ghz
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