P5E or XFX 780i

For my build? i dont plan on OCing anything besides my CPU. Any help or advice would be good
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  1. If u need SLI,go for XFX 780i and if u need P5E :)
  2. Unless you really want SLI, go for the P5E.
    Nvidia based motherboards are not up to par when compared to Intel based boards.
    They run hot, slow and are not as good at overclocking.
    Considering AMD's high value in the current multi GPU segment, the Intel based P5E seems to be an excellent choice.

    On another note, if you do not plan on using more than one GPU, both boards are overkill.
    Look into an ASUS or Gigabyte P43 or P45 based motherboard.
    This should save you a bit of cash while still giving you a highly overclockable platform.
  3. ^ Agreed
  4. okay ill get the p5e deluxe(its x48) i hoenstly just went for the xfx because of the box art and the packaging

    i have to admit intel and ati needs to work on their boxart and packages their ugly compared to nvidias lol
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