Weird Windows XP Corruption and fault

Hey. Once again, I managed to destroy the insides of my computer completely.

Maybe I should give you the specs before I continue:
Intel E8400
ASUS Striker 2 680i
2 x XFX 8800GT SLI Mode
500W Antec PSU
A very weak cooling system (Three coolers in a tight Antec Nine Hundred cabinet)

I know my system was suggested as a bit higher than 500W, but I didn't really care that much. At first I had a 500 GB Western Digital (Or Samsung - I can't remember), but it ended up with a corrupted windows (The one with system32 that requires you to put the folder/file in manually, which I couldn't because I didn't have the rights to do that) at the first of its two partitions. I then installed windows on the other partition. I couldn't access the other partition with the windows CD, so I was unable to reinstall XP. That one got screwed aswell.

I then managed to get two 80 GB maxtor HDDs from my school. I put them together in RAID 0, and it worked fine. I soon lacked space, so I wanted to put my 500 GB back in and just use it as storage, since I could still access the drive through a properly working Windows. I'm very certain it has been caused by a virus, but I'm not sure how, since I have been unable to find one on any of my drives. I checked them all when I added my old drive to the RAID-system.

And then...
I started receiving a CMOS fault/error today and it automatically reset it. I pressed F1 to continue, and it asked me which one of my systems I wanted to run (Since I had a windows XP Pro on both the RAIDs and another one on the 500 GB) and it turned out my RAID setup was now corrupted aswell. I restarted and attempted to fiddle with the boot order and then put the XP CD in my computer to format my 500GB. Too late, everytime I passed the BIOS "Loading screen" (The ROG logo), it will then load a little and then show strange colored rectangles (Size of an character "window" or box) and strange symbols.

I think the motherboard (Infamous for it's heating capabilities) combined with the HDDs could have messed up the system, but maybe the PSU was worked too hard aswell? Could really use some help here :-)

Best Regards,
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  1. Replace the motherboard. Think Gigabyte.
  2. Yeah, thought so aswell. Can't afford it at the moment, but probably will end up building a new computer from scratch instead. After all, it's not that fancy anymore.

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