Antec 300 project

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Clear and color acrylic computer windows

The Antec 300 arrives at Mnpctech

Black PC Cable & Wire Sleeving Kit

Here is the 1/8" Aluminum Pop-Rivet we use for computer cases that we've dismantled for custom paint. Countersunk (Blind) for professional and clean look. Gripe range .092" - .125"

for the internal fans, I installed these 120mm Modders Mesh Honeycomb grills, Black Powder coat

Antec Three Hundred Review

To draw out your design, I'll first apply either #2060 Green or #2090 Blue "low tack" painter's tape by Scotch/3M.
You can buy these Home Depot or Ace Hardware stores. You also apply tape so you don't scratch up the panel with the jigsaw's steel guard. I always use a measuring square for windows

Window corner, but how do you make a curved corner instead?, for inserting U-channel molding later

For making corners, use a roll of tape! The smaller the roll, the smaller your arc

Whenever I make a side panel window, I always use a jigsaw with a 18 TPI (teeth per inch) bi-metal cutting blade. I'll make the intial incision for the jigsaw blade with a rotary tool and 1.5" reinforced dremel cutting wheel

I use a Black & Decker jigsaw with a 18 TPI (teeth per inch) bi-metal cutting blade.

Window is cut and ready for refinements, ie: clean up the edges and corners

I'll use a rounded side file for detailing it's straight edges and corners

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  1. To mount the plexi, I'm using Scotch brand #4010 heavy duty tape

    Super strength adhesion. Used for mounting windows in computer cases.

    Clear and color acrylic computer windows

    u-channel molding was attached to the panel edges before mounting window

  2. That definately came out nice.
  3. MonsterMawd you are a god!
  4. Thank you ! :) I have lots of krazy ideas for this case

    I'm gonna blow this case's cover..hehe

    Armed with power drill and 1/8" drill bit, I remove all of the pesky pop-rivets

    we don't really need this or do we? Ideas are brewing :scratch:

    Top panel ready to lose it's inner core

    Where did it go?!

    Another look w/o the tape
  5. This is looking nice man. Im not usually one for modding, but your keeping it more elegant than ive seen in the past. Cant wait too see more.
  6. Thank chookman!

    I noticed the front bezel is a good canidate for injecting your own design.. Heres whats involved with the Antec's front bezel.. The removable filter and perforated mesh grill are easily removed.

  7. Is there possibilty leaving the side fan hole when you make a side window
  8. sure, but it robs a lot of space for viewing.. you could also mount a fan in the window

    Heres the front intake grill design with "MB" for my friends, Ric and Jeff aka "Mod Brothers" I'm going to have cnc milled from 3/16" THICK 6061 aluminum

    To support the new intake plate, I'm using the lower 5.25 bay cover, below I'm using DP-190 2 part epoxy to keep it in place permanently, you need to use gloves and smear the 2 part into the crevices (not shown)

  9. it looks so good!
  10. Thank you!

    A "new" front intake! It's 1/4" thick aluminum front intake grill in HAAS cnc mill

  11. My god man, looking sweet.
  12. Can I have your babies???

    [:kentuckyranger:1] :D
    [:kentuckyranger:1] :pt1cable:

    [:kentuckyranger:1] :lol: :lol: :lol: [:kentuckyranger:1]
  13. hehe, Thank you! :hello:

    Heres the final piece

  14. Did some preliminary paint color testing yesterday. This is so we have an idea of how it will look before we paint the actual case.

    HoK #F22 Royal Blue Flakes

    Mixing cup

    Test piece, heres how the case will look
  15. Man this is looking nice can you do me one too, id like to do it but couldnt be bothered lol
  16. Very nice paint job. I like it.

    I have a question about the new aliminum front bezel. What shop tools did you use to mill the aluminum? Looks like you have a decent work set-up.

    I'm right in the middle of a case mod. I've got a CoolerMaster 932 HAF case that I am modding. I decided to go with a black and copper theme. I found copper sheets at a local hobby shop. The sheets were much cheaper than what was available on line. Copper is very soft and maleable. The copper was harder to work than the steel used for pc cases.
  17. @ chookman, sure can cause I'm broke..hehe ..let me know what you need done via PM

    @ Johnny Lucky, it's my friend's HAAS 5 axis CNC Mill.

    Heres the Blue paint outside in sunlight
  18. Simply amazing is all I can say, you don't by any chance live in the midwest, do you?

    B/c I've had lots of ideas for classy and clean modifications, but lack of metal fabrication tools, etc. etc. etc. has always prevented me form doing so.
  19. Yes, Minneapolis, MN.

    We're doing a custom top panel. Heres the design and 2' x 1' sheet of 1-1/4" thick clear acylic.I'm adding 2x 120mm fans in the center in single file towards the rear. The 2x 120mm fans will mount beneath the the cover with the fins going over the fan blades.

    15 lbs, 2' x 1' clear acrylic, 1-1/4" thick

  20. Stop it. You're making my Antec 300 jealous ;)

    Looks awesome so far!
  21. How much does a mod like this usually run?
  22. hehe Thanks!

    The chassis received it's new coat of White with Pearl Flake last night. The intake grill and 5.25 bay covers should be ready from pick-up from the Plater next week.

    Mixing House of Kolor Pearl Flakes

    White with Pearl Flake

    I/O slot covers

    Up close
  23. The cnc milling of the acrylic top panel, this 3/16" thick acrylic, it will hold 2x 120mm fans in the center in single file towards the rear. The 2x 120mm fans will mount beneath the the cover with the fins going over the fan blades.

    1-1/4" THICK! Clear Acrylic mounted in KURT vises

    Milling heatsink inspired columns

    45 degree radius

  24. Good lord man. That is so cool.
  25. Thank you! The white pearl flake painted chassis and machined billet feet are finished.

    The Billet Case feet product page

  26. Heres a close-up of the Blue Pearl paint on the bezel.

  27. Just a small update today, installed these anodized blue thumbscrews

  28. Looks real nice so far. I was wondering if it might come out kind of gaudy, but it looks real nice.

    The thumb screws for the PCI slots are a good idea.

    With the amount of times I open up my machine and change parts out, it makes a lot of sense.
  29. Looks to me like you should get into this as a business. You've definately taken a nice case to the next level or 2. VERY NICE WORK!
  30. chuckm said:
    Looks to me like you should get into this as a business. You've definately taken a nice case to the next level or 2. VERY NICE WORK!

    I dont think Antec would be very happy if that started happening.
  31. chookman said:
    I dont think Antec would be very happy if that started happening.


    I would think they wouldn't care if he started modding Antec cases for a living...?
  32. Antec likes seeing customers modding their cases. It's only good publicity for their product :)
  33. chookman said:
    I dont think Antec would be very happy if that started happening.

    I don't think they'd care as long as the cases were paid for. lol
  34. I was more looking at the fact that you are selling there cases again for a profit because of slight mods...While using there brand name

    EDIT: Well when i say slight mods... LOL... these are more than slight ones...
  35. The painted panels should be buffed and finished this weekend. I'm still waiting for a call back from the Plater about the intake grill and 5.25 cover. Yesterday I came up with this fan grill for the rear exhaust, using one of the old billet fan grills I had stashed away. I made center grill with round hole modders mesh.

    I used Plasti-kote's "ANODIZE-IT" Blue to paint the grill

    Using 50 grit sandpaper to prep the surface of the plain steel

    I then used enamel clearcoat

  36. I got the chrome plated parts back last night, they came out great!

    Heres the 5.25 bay cover

  37. Heres the Zalman MFC1 fan controller bezel after plating
  38. Update? :D
  39. The Zalman MFC1 fan controller is installed. I had to make extension brackets so the faceplate was flush with the billet 5.35 bay covers. I found some blue anodize machined screws for mounting it (nice!)

    Anodized Blue machine screws
  40. mod brothers logo window applique! It looks just like laser etching. It’s actually a custom made frosted vinyl film.

  41. Thats pretty god darn cool
  42. MonsterMawd, if you can do this to a $60 Antec 300 then I am terrified what you could do with a Silverstone TJ07. With the exception of the AMD case (the only flashy custom theme case that I like) you have a major talent for taking a case and making it look good and function well without looking like some monstrosity from a cheap Sci-Fi movie. The TJ07 is amazingly easy to mod since there are only FOUR rivets, and the rest are screws. Maybe one day I will mod my case, but not right now... Do you have any tips for starting out, I might buy a cheap case and a good dremel and go nuts!
  43. my god man your amazing. I watched some of your video's on youtube too and I'm thinking I'm gonna have to start modding too. I just ordered a new case so I may take my old cooler master RC-690 and mod it. I already have the windowed side panel for it. Any Ideas on what to do to it, I'm kinda at a loss because its got so much mesh on it.
  44. Thanks guys!

    My advice is to derive your mod from what you like or enjoy, maybe you like cars? how about a car theme mod, or sports? The window mod is the easiest place to start, do you have a jigsaw?

    The best place is start by buying an old used case. I've seen a lot of cheap computers posted on Craigslist

    Close-up of finished rear 120mm fan grill. Installed the 2x 120mm fans in the top panel

  45. All of the Zalman MFC1-plus fan controller's leds burned out. After less than 1 hour of run time. I had seen this happen before and hoped Zalman had fixed the issue, but apparently theres still bad units floating around. I bought the first from performance-pcs and second from newegg. I emailed them both to be aware of the faulty units. I also emailed Zalman. I've checked over all of the connections, no signs as to why they die. Well see what Zalman's response is. In any case, I'm not going to buy another and risk it burning out on the individual that gets this case. I'll be installing the Scythe KAZE MASTER 5.25 fan controller instead. I ordered one today. As soon as it's installed, we'll get the video recorded.

    Kaze Master Newegg Product Link

  46. The controller should arrive today, I'll have update pics posted by this weekend, Thanks for being patient everybody!
  47. Im getting unnatural ideas involving my shiny new Antec 300 and a kitchen knife....!

    Great work mate, really impressive what can be done.
    Can i ask how you have access to all this kit?
    Is it part of your job or just a hobby?
    How long has it taken you to get all the tools together to be able to do this kind of mod, eg spray guns and vices and such?

    Thanks :D
  48. what is this, an inquisition or something? :D
  49. lol, I just like tools. I like to build and mod stuff :D
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